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What Drives you Nuts?

annoyedThe word “pet peeve” has been around since 1919. People also refer to it as “pet hate”. It comes from the term peevish, meaning “ill-tempered”. The word has been used and translated into other languages around the world, and has become very common.

We interviewed ten people and everyone had a different annoyance. Anything from wearing your sunglasses inside to being unsafe. Senior Paige Leblanc said, “My biggest pet peeve is when people don’t try because it frustrates me when people don’t realize their full potential.”

Typically people keep their pet peeves to themselves, but we asked, and the answers we got may surprise you.

Video produced by Daniella Sirois and Amanda Cyr.

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  1. Chandler Bilodeau Chandler Bilodeau May 1, 2017

    I like this video because it reminds me not to get mad at my biggest pet peeves. They are people who answer questions with a question and Wyatt LeBlanc.

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