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Things That go Bump in the Night

Things That go Bump in the Night discusses some of the worst murderers this world has ever seen. From H.H Holmes Murder Hotel to The Lipstick Killer, this show will keep you up at night thinking you’re the next victim. Your host, Zoe O, or better known by her classmates as Little Miss Murder, eerily tells each gruesome tale- you never know what will happen next!

In this episode, Zoe O discusses the mysterious Axeman of New Orleans, who slashed an estimated ten civilians during 1918 and 1919. Do you like Jazz?

David Arenstam
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  1. Alexis Taylor Alexis Taylor May 2, 2017

    Your description of the Axeman of New Orleans paints a terrifying yet humorous image in my mind. I can envision people in the streets, scared for their life, and playing jazz as if their life depended on it- literally! As for your question, I enjoy the occasional jazz record from time to time. Very intriguing story!

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