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Sophomore Deanna Curit poses for a selfie with no makeup on

The Power of Makeup

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Junior Sarah Whitney poses for a selfie with just mascara on which is her normal daily makeup amount

think makeup can be both a good or bad thing, it can be a good thing because I think makeup can make people feel good, but it can also be a bad thing because if you wear a lot it can cover up all of your flaws which are the most beautiful part about people,’’ said sophomore Deanna Curit who in middle school wore tons of makeup, but pretty much skips it all except for on special occasions now that she is in high school.  

According to a 2017 article by Alanna Nunez in Shape Magazine, Harris Interactive surveyed “1,292 women ages 18 and older and found that 44 percent of women experienced ‘negative feelings’ when they weren’t wearing makeup: 16 percent reported that they felt unattractive; 14 percent responded that they felt self-conscious; and 14 percent admitted they felt naked or as though something was missing without makeup.”

Many females don’t feel comfortable without makeup on because they feel naked but for some people it’s not the case. “Makeup sometimes makes me feel more confident but not always,” said junior Sarah Whitney who doesn’t apply makeup regularly but used to apply it everyday.

“ Makeup is something that I wear everyday but even if I put 100 layers of makeup on my face, I’m still Eleanor Lino Avila, that doesn’t change anything about me, or my personality, but the artistic fact on makeup always calls my attention.” said senior Eleanor Lino Avila who is very passionate about makeup and is thinking about pursuing a career in it in the future.  

Out of 20 girls, ten said they felt more confident wearing makeup, four said they didn’t feel more confident, and six said they sometimes felt more confident, according to a recent poll done at Thornton Academy.

“78% of girls with low self-esteem admit that it is hard to feel good in school when you do not feel good about how you look,” according to a report done by Dove back in 2008.

Junior Julie Meikle with one of her many eyeshadow looks.

“As a teenager a pimple can be a curse, sometimes we feel insecure about our appearance and makeup can make you feel good or look good. It’s not the fact that I feel ugly without makeup because I don’t, it’s being able to experiment with colors and seeing what your hands can do on your own face to make you look amazing.”  said Avila.

“Makeup does make me feel more confident in myself.” said junior Julie Meikle who wears makeup on a daily and has for a long time.

Makeup works differently for each person.“I personally do not feel more confident wearing makeup. I think I like myself better without makeup because I feel more real and more like myself because there is nothing covering up my flaws,” said Curit.

“I am hugely supportive of Alicia Keys and the movement away from the heavy makeup, but I also believe that even the slightest bit of makeup can help create…a more perfected version of yourself. It is a little polish for your attitude and look,” said Kate Bayless in a 2017 article on

“I don’t think there is an issue with people who wear makeup everyday i think girls who do wear it everyday feel more confident and beautiful,” said Curit.  

“When women were asked to imagine themselves wearing makeup or going barefaced in different social situations, women

Sophomore Deanna Curit poses for a selfie with no makeup on

“reported being more self-confident and sociable when wearing as opposed to not wearing their customary cosmetics.” according to

“I might consider going to school with just light makeup but not no makeup at all,” said Meikle.

Elizabeth Denton in a 2017 article said, Buzzfeed reported that Skintone did a survey, “the survey says women are walking around with about $8 worth of products on their face per day.” that’s a lot of makeup in one day but,  “A recent survey done by beauty e-tailer SkinStore, showed that women in the United States spend about $300,000 just on their face during their lifetime.” Women do tend to spend a lot of money on makeup and most say that it’s for their self-confidence. At the end of the day no matter what anyone thinks makeup is proven to make girls feel more confident and that is what matters the most.

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