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Teens Thoughts on Donald Trump


It was a very chilly morning, but that didn’t stop hundreds of Bernie Sanders supporters from standing outside of the Donald Trump rally to protest for hours. On Thursday March 3rd, presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke at Congress Square Park in Portland. Outside of the rally, there was an overwhelming amount of Sanders supporters protesting against Donald Trump. Protesters had a variety of signs with Trump protests, varying from the typical “Dump Trump”, to “This is is Maine 2016, not Alabama 1963”, to my personal favorite “Love always Trumps hate.” Despite protests and many who can’t comprehend his appeal, Trump has amassed an impressive following in states across the country. As of the ned of March, Trump had taken 19 states in the republican primaries with 19 states left to vote. 

In the March 5th Maine Caucus, out of a total of 23 delegates, 12 were pledged to Cruz, nine to Trump and two to Kasich. Senior republican Annie Boissonneault wishes Trump had taken our state, but most of all was happy people were engaged in Maine’s process. She said, “I think it’s important for teens and young adults to get involved in the presidential election because the outcome of the election will likely shape our futures.”

Boissonneault said, “I think Donald Trump would be a great leader for the United States because we need to see a change. Americans aren’t patriots anymore. We spend too much time thinking about how to help other countries around the world and not enough time thinking about ourselves. America used to be a great place to live where people dreamed of coming, but now many people around the world see us as a joke. Donald Trump will make America great again. I support and agree with almost everything Donald Trump has to say. He’s a businessman rather than a congressman, so he’s not afraid to speak the truth even if it will make people angry, and he knows how to handle money. I love the idea of bringing businesses back into America to employ Americans rather than Mexicans. I absolutely support the idea of building a wall to keep illegal immigrants out. I have always considered myself a republican.”

Some republicans don’t think Trump is conservative enough and are concerned about Trump donating money to democratic organizations in the past, but Boissonneault is not worried by this and said, “I think Donald Trump used to donate money to democratic organizations not because he necessarily supports democrats, but because he knows the strings you have to pull and the people you have to please in order to get where you want to be. I don’t support the fact that he did this, but he believes that he did what he had to do.”

Boissoneault also said, “I believe that Kasich would be a decent option for president, but I think both Rubio and Cruz are lying congressmen. For the most part, I agree with everything Trump stands for.”

Many teens are getting more involved with this election compared to previous elections because there is such a contrast between the candidates. Junior Dustin Casey believes that it is very important for teens to be involved in the election process because not too long from now, our generation is going to be running this country and who we elect now is going to shape our future.

Casey also believes Trump is the best candidate for the U.S. In an interview he said, “we need a leader who is not afraid to speak the truth. Trump had a loan of one million dollars, and turned it into billions of dollars and created hundreds of jobs for people. He really helped New York get out of the bad state it was in.”

Casey also said, “I haven’t always considered myself a republican, I consider myself an independent.”

Casey doesn’t agree with everything Trump stands for. For example he said, “I definitely disagree with Trump trying to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. I think it should be difficult for them to and they should have to go through more security processes, but anyone should be free to come here. I do think we need stricter immigration laws, but the media twists Trump’s words into saying he wants no immigration, when all he wants is no illegal immigration. I think the reason Trump used to donate money to democratic organizations and was a Hillary Clinton supporter is because she was a different person back then and stood for different things. I do agree with some of the things the other candidates are saying, but I think the other republican candidates are puppets to the GOP.”

According to an article by Sean Illing, many people including himself believe that Trump running for president is all a big joke. He and others believe that Trump has been planning this “long con” for years now, and knew exactly what he had to do to succeed. Whether Trump is truly serious about running for president of the U.S., or this whole election is a joke to him, the Trump candidacy has, and will to continue to have a big effect on this country.

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  1. Ash Brooks Ash Brooks May 18, 2016

    I was rooting for Kasich before he dropped out. The scariest part of this, is the reality of the danger behind Trumps possible presidency.

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