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Soft-Serve Showdown

[dropcap]I [/dropcap]scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream, but when you need that soft-serve ice cream fix where do you go? Do you hit up Dairy Queen that is right up the road from TA or do you venture into Old Orchard Beach and get some homemade ice cream from Fielder’s Choice? I love ice cream and can never decide which I like better, so I am attempting to put an end to this ice cream conundrum.

Soft serve ice cream started in the 1930s and what makes it different from other ice cream is that air is introduced during the freezing process. It contains all of the same ingredients as regular ice cream, but that creamy texture sets it apart. The true story behind this delectable treat is unclear.

Dairy Queen claims that they started this phenomenon when they realized that customers preferred their ice cream in its fresh state before it was completely frozen. Other people give credit to Tom Carvel for an accidental discovery of soft-serve ice cream when his ice cream truck got a flat tire and all of his ice cream started to melt. In the hopes of saving the product, he rebranded it as soft-serve ice cream.

Although I can’t say for sure which story is true, I can say that this newer form of ice cream is just as good as the original. The two closest places to TA with delicious soft serve ice cream are Dairy Queen and Fielder’s Choice. Let’s take a look at the differences.

  1. Dairy Queen


Cost: $2.45

First Impressions: The layers of the ice cream were a little sloppy and didn’t have the standard dairy queen look but still looked solid and I wasn’t scared of any melting right away. The ice cream was very controlled on the cone.

Amount of Ice cream: Moderate. It was a reasonable amount of ice cream for a small and not too much where I felt like I was getting more than I bargained for.

Flavor: The vanilla flavor was more subtle and the flavor overall was less intense.

Density: The ice cream had a consistent density that was even throughout the entire ice cream. It was soft enough to easily eat but firm enough to hold itself together.

Overall Yumminess: It was a very enjoyable ice cream that didn’t overwhelm or intimidate me and I was very satisfied after eating it.  

Final Thoughts: I was very happy with this ice cream and I never felt like it was going to make a mess all over me. Two thumbs up!


  1.  Fielder’s Choice


Cost: $2.17

First Impressions: HOLY ICE CREAM! Just like the Grinch, my heart grew three sizes when I saw this ice cream… or was it my eyes from the sheer glory of this ice cream.

Amount of Ice cream: Slightly excessive for a small. I was a little scared of how heavy and large the ice cream was. I wasn’t sure if it was going to tip over or not. I was not in control of the ice cream.

Flavor: FC had a much stronger vanilla flavor compared to DQ. It was an overall more powerful flavor.

Density: The outside of the ice cream had an almost watery consistency whereas the inside was very firm. Even as the ice cream was eaten, the consistency stays the same.

Overall Yumminess: It was enjoyable because it was ice cream, but it was just too much… everything… for me to fully enjoy it.

Final Thoughts: Still HOLY ICE CREAM! I went into a small ice cream coma after trying to eat all of it but I did not succeed in finishing the whole ice cream.


In my personal opinion, I would go to Dairy Queen over Fielder’s Choice for vanilla soft-serve ice cream. What are your thoughts?

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