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Reality Behind the Rise of Piercings

img_1537[dropcap]S[/dropcap]eptums, medusas, webs are  just a few of the many piercings on the rise at TA. Piercings on the ears, lips, nose, eyebrows and even tongues are almost common now, and new types of piercing seem to spring up each year.

When seniors began at Thornton four years ago, cartilage piercings were the hot new fad. Since then,  a large amount of people have been starting to venture out into the world of piercings. According to research done by Northwestern University on Body piercing in 2015,  14% of women in America have piercings in a location other than their earlobe.

Here at TA we have many people who are repping nose piercings. Senior Indigo Courtney said, “I really love my nose piercings, I got it pierced a couple times prior to this. The pain is worth it, even though the first couple times didn’t work out. That’s another thing with piercing, sometimes they just don’t end up the way you want them to. They could get tugged on or infection, they are (piercings) a delicate thing.”

Piercings can result in infection and other health issues. According to the same 2015 study, 31% of people have complications with piercings, 15% need professional help as a result of unexpected problems and .9% led to hospitalization.

Senior Tori Sharpe was shocked by these statistics. “I never could imagine going to the hospital for a piercing,” said Tori, who has multiple ear and body piercings. “I had complications with mine, but nothing that serious. Just a couple infections and scar tissue, the infections went away pretty fast though.”

Out of the three girls interviewed about their piercings, two out of three of them did have complications with at least one piercing. “I never had an issue with mine,” senior Shannon Moskowitz said. “I have my belly button, nose, and a few cartilage piercings. I hope to get my tragus (part of ear) pierced next.”

Although piercings are popular,they aren’t for everyone. We have many students at TA, like Molly Cianchette who is more traditional when it comes to piercings.  “I actually don’t have any piercings, only my lobe. I would say that is the most popular piercing at TA, if you even count that,” she said laughing . “I think there is nothing wrong with piercings though, they look really good on some people. It just has never been my thing.”

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