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One Class gets a Clearer View of our school’s energy use

The students in the AP Environmental Science class were using an infrared camera along with an APP called FLIR 1to look at several aspects of energy including efficiency and vampire energy use.

Same hall but a different perspective.

Efficiency shows where energy (heat) is “leaking” or where cold is coming into a building.  When looking at the APP photos, areas that are yellow/orange were hot, areas that are purple are cold. Electronics produce alot of heat which is wasted. Certain areas of the school reveal poor insultation or excessive heat. 

A place of communication and learning from one another

Windows, especially those in the old science wing, are notoriously drafty and if curtains are open much of the classroom heat is quickly cooled. The art gallery floor has radiant heat and that area of the school is especially warm. We discovered that no one knows who controls the heat in the Art Gallery area. 

Sometimes it’s hard to realize your impact, tools like this can make us better understand how to save.

Radiant heat takes awhile to adjust, meaning if I decided to lower the temperature of an area from 68 degrees to 63 degrees it takes about 12 hours for the room temp to respond. Ideally an area with radiant heat should be set at an agreeable temp and not altered significantly. This provided the most consistent heat. 

“We’re all working together; that’s the secret.”

Vampire energy is observed from any appliance that is plugged in and turned off. It still “sucks” energy from the wall. Examples of this are microwaves not in use, computers (off), charging cords left in the wall with nothing being charged and tv monitors that are also turned off.

It’s funny what one may miss on a daily basis.

The camera was purchased by the technology department for any teacher to use. The science department has been using it for various purposes. Ms. Rausch and her class learned a lot on their quick tour of campus with the nes device.

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