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Hot yoga at Saco Sport & Fitness

Make Working Out Fun at Saco Sport & Fitness

Brianna Paul setting up her yoga mat in the hot yoga class at Saco Sport & Fitness.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he New Year is just around the corner and the resolution that most people hope to make is to lose weight and become more fit and healthy. But being new to the gym or coming back after being gone awhile, can be intimidating.

According to, 21.4% of people’s New Year resolution in 2017 was to be more healthy by eating better and going to the gym. That percentage may not seem like a lot but it’s the highest percentage out of all 12 of the other resolutions.

There is a 33-50% increase in volume of people who get gym memberships in January. 80% of the New Year’s Resolution crowd stops going by the second week of February. Around the holidays people indulge in all the food and they tell themselves that once the new year comes, it’ll be a fresh start to losing weight and get fit. But, people tend to stop going by February because they aren’t dedicated. They say they get too busy, or they aren’t seeing results fast enough. Becoming healthy and fit is a lifestyle and most people just want a quick fix or they just get sick of going and become lazy again.

That’s why taking classes at Saco Sport and Fitness (or your local gym) is the way to go. Going from nothing to everything is hard, but making small changes for a healthy lifestyle is the best way to do it. Taking the occasional class at Saco Sports can add variety to your workouts. The instructors are trained professionals and will make sure the workout is effective and fun. These classes are a way to stay motivated and to keep going to the gym.

There is so many different class options, a class for anyone’s own personal preference; spinning, P90X, yoga, group core, group active, group groove, ultimate conditioning and so much more to pick from. If you want to find out a little more about the classes go on Saco Sport and Fitness’s website. The classes range from 30 minutes to an hour.

I went to some of the classes to test them out for other students and am reporting back. I kept track of what the class did for exercise, how the instructor led the class, how hard it was and how it made me feel afterwards. I go to the gym a lot and am relatively fit, but I think any teen could find success in the classes at Saco Sport and Fitness. 

The first class I attended was yoga, with Libby Day as the instructor. I went with my friend, Brianna Paul. The only other time we’ve done yoga was at our cross country practices to stretch out before a run. We brought our own yoga mats and walked inside the studio ready for what was to come. Not only was this a yoga class, it was a hot yoga class, so it got up to between 85 to 90 degrees in the room. As the class begun we started out in “child’s pose”, and then slowly transitioned into different yoga poses. As the class progressed the pace got a bit faster, we did downward dog, planks, and a bunch of other stretches. Toward the end of the class, we slowed everything down. By the last 5 minutes the instructor had us laying on our backs with our eyes closed, she really wanted us to find peace within ourselves and relax. She turned up the soothing music she had playing in the background the whole time. Everything felt so calm, peaceful and placid in those few minutes. Once the class ended my friend and I drank some water, rolled up our mats, put our shoes back on and walked out of the studio. Walking out of that studio was the most refreshing thing, we didn’t realize how hot and steamy it was in their until we walked out. It was like getting a fresh breath of air, so relieving. Overall, the class was very stress-relieving and not as easy as I thought it would be, I found yoga is a good little workout. The night I came home from hot yoga, I could feel my core more tightened, my body felt less tense and more relaxed. For the first time doing yoga it was a good experience and would recommend to everyone.

“Some of the yoga poses we did were harder than I expected them to be, but it still felt good, I would definitely go back, it’s a good way to end a long day,” said Paul.  

The second class I attended was called “Group Active” instructed by Noelle Gallant. The class was held in the same studio where we did yoga. I went to this class with another friend of mine, Caleb Richard. He goes to these classes at Saco Sport & Fitness regularly so he knew what to expect.

“ I go to this class sometimes and whenever I go, it always gets me sweating. It’s a harder class for me but I love it because it helps get me stronger for tennis, and it’s a good option for me to go to when I don’t know what to do at the gym on my own,” said Richard.

There is music in the background, just like the yoga class, but it’s a little more upbeat and gets people more excited to workout. Throughout the class we used dumbbells and weight plates because since most of the exercises we did were body weight exercises, weight plates and dumbbells made it more of a challenge. Overall the class was about body strength. People like me who usually just stick with cardio, will likely find this class challenging. After the class I felt so much more strong and a little sore. I could feel it in my legs, arms and abs. It was the one class out of the three that was most difficult for me personally. I’m not sure I am eager to go back, but if I did, it would probably keep getting easier. 

The third class I attended was the spinning class instructed by Linda Burgess. It was in the spinning studio. Spinning is cycling on a stationary bike for almost an hour. The class had motivating music, and the instructor was getting everyone pumped up and excited to cycle. There are parts of the class that get harder, mimicking biking up a hill by making the pedals harder to push. It was a really fun class, and it got me and everyone else sweating! After the class I felt so good about my workout. I strongly recommend spinning class to anyone new at working out because it’s very effective and a fun way to work out. It’s a good class to go to for somebody who is new to the gym and going to classes. I was sore in my butt and legs the next day. 

All three of these classes; hot yoga, group active and spinning were amazing workout classes. They are great for beginners at the gym because the instructors guide everyone through the workout. Also, since there are other people in the class, it makes everyone not want to give up and they push themselves because of the people around them. Even for somebody who goes to the gym regularly, these are still good classes to go to. Everyone can push themselves to their own intensity.

All in all, I suggest anyone and everyone to go to these classes starting in the new year. So, in this new year I hope to see everyone at the gym trying out these amazing classes!

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