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JMG: A Student’s Compass in the Workplace

Walking to the front of the room, Mr. Scott Stinchcomb greets his class. Nine students sit in front of him, each chosen for their desire to do well in the workplace. As our resident JMG representative, he works with juniors and seniors to give them a leg up when transferring from the school to work environment. The program is special in that it will stick by seniors for a year after their graduation, giving them additional support even after their advancement to the real world.

“JMG is very unique.” Stinchcomb states, “We meet students where they are and provide unwavering support and commitment to their academic and personal growth, with the ultimate goal of ensuring successful lives for all our students.”

The program is quite the maverick in terms of teaching methodology. The class consists of few students (ex. the aforementioned nine), and takes each student’s case individually. Classwork is designed to help those enrolled in JMG find and do well in a job. Examples include packets focused on researching prospective careers and their benefits, class discussions on different lines of work, and gaining access to resources which let students explore their future options.

While this style of teaching may seem idealistic to some, it produces results. Or so their tagline states; Student Centered, Results Driven. The approach dis not easily replicated, especially when applied to larger groups.

Stinchcomb, who has been a JMG specialist for 7 years “I feel other school programs could probably benefit by adopting some of our methods and practices, however, it would be challenging for them to replicate it.”

JMG was formulated as a specialty program with fewer members, which specializes in pursuing careers. Classes with 15+ students could not support the individual guidance that the students in student-centered programs get.

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