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If you've ever been to the Saco Heath, you can expect a similar scene. There is a long board walk over the bog and is surrounded by trees and a variety of wildlife.

Road Trippin’ in Maine

The Holt Pond Preserve is one of the many beautiful trails in Maine. It’s a little over an hour from Saco, and the drive up is almost as beautiful as the hike, with snow capped mountains, lakes, rivers, and beautiful trees. The drive and hike is definitely worth it for the view.

Holt Pond Preserve, Bridgeton ME

Appox. 1 hour 6 minutes away from Thornton Academy

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  1. Ashley Ashley May 13, 2016

    These pictures amazing! I definitely want to go!

  2. Sparkplug Sparkplug May 13, 2016

    very friendly pic of environment and lovely view

  3. Jerry penaflorida Jerry penaflorida May 18, 2016

    I’ve been in many trails and mountain hikes but i have never been there. I’ll add that to my checklist. Nice pictures.

  4. Kelly Gallant Kelly Gallant May 18, 2016

    awuh meg this is so good love the pictures!

  5. Matthew Boutin Matthew Boutin May 18, 2016

    It looks like a great place! I want to go to that trail now!

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