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Early Birds vs. Night Owls

There are two different types of people in the world; early birds and night owls. Some people wake up at 5am and get a million things done before 9am. Then, there are some people who wake up late and start off their day by getting ready for school or work in 15 minutes or less, and go. According to, more women than men said they were morning people. People over 60 are more likely to be early birds compared to people under 30. So, age and sex play a role if somebody is a morning or night person. Most of my friends at school wake up almost right before school starts, get ready in a short amount of time, jump in their car and start their day off by the first class of the day. Of course they are not morning people, because like the statistics, high schoolers are young and stay up late doing homework so they need as much sleep as they can. My dad wakes up at 4:30am almost every day to do his work, he is definitely a morning person! 

Does being an early bird make someone a more productive person?

That’s a question people ask themselves because, lets all admit, waking up early and getting things done before most people wake up is honestly the best feeling. But, its not exactly an easy thing to do, especially for high school students. High schoolers balance out all of the things they have to do within a day, and sometimes sleep isn’t a priority for some, which leads someone into being a night owl. School for 7 hours a day, sports or work, homework, and more are what almost every high schooler does on week days. Sometimes, the after school activities can overpower most of their time, then homework comes into the picture. Teenagers are more prone to stay up late anyway because they don’t get as tired as adults after a day full of doing things. All of my friends wake up an hour to 30 minutes before school starts.  7 out of 8  students I interviewed said they avoid waking up earlier than they need to on school days. There are few student’s that wake up super early before class starts at 8:35am. The foreign exchange students have the option to go to the local gym before school starts. A mini bus takes them around 5am. Even then, a lot of the exchange students don’t go that early and just wait to workout for after school.

“I like to wait until the day that my homework is due, wake up pretty early, and do it all because after school and at night I just can’t do it, I just can’t focus on it,” said junior Nick McClellan, who wake up at 5am most mornings.

Sometimes high school students focus better in the mornings to do their homework because after going to school a full day, a students mind can be drained for the day.

Junior Michelle Ayala is a night owl,” well, usually every night I start doing my homework around 8:30pm because I procrastinate doing it. Then once I’m done I take a shower, then I text and call my friends, so after all that it turns out to be late. I go to sleep and wake up a little before school starts and rush to get ready. It works out for me because I don’t feel the need to wake up that early, and if I did then that means I wouldn’t get the amount of sleep that I do!” said Ayala.

Being an early bird, there are many positive benefits from it. They have more energy throughout the day because better sleeping patterns than night owls. They have better grades in school because getting a good sleep every night makes someones attention span better in school. According to, more than half Americans hit the snooze button when it goes off in the morning. 57% of americans still feel tired of a nights sleep while 33% feel good and refreshed when they wake up. A good nights sleep directly relates to being a night owl or early bird.

Whether somebody is a morning person or night person, everyone is different and makes their daily life schedules work out in different ways.



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