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Boudreau Breaks Thornton Record

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]uesday night was one for the history books, the Thornton Academy Golden Trojans remains unbeaten as they cruise pass the Gorham Rams. Thornton improves to an impressive 8-0 with their 61-40 road victory, they have proved to dominate not only at home but on the road this year. TA has shown why they should be considered Gold Ball contenders throughout the season thus far, they have virtually no flaws and the sky is the ceiling for this years squad.
The headline however is the ten threes that Austin Boudreau drained for 30 points, a record that was held by TA alumni Chris Brockman for the past nineteen years. Boudreau, who shot 10/13 from downtown went on to speak on national television Wednesday afternoon on the Rich Eisen Show regarding his performance from the previous night. I asked Austin what this record meant to him, he responded by saying “Holding the three point record at Thornton Academy means a lot to me. My teammates found me when I was open and kept finding me throughout the game. I’ve always set goals for myself and I will continue to do so in hopes to becoming a better person along with a better basketball player. What drives us as a team is winning the gold ball. We feel as a unit if we don’t win the gold ball it will be a let down for not only ourselves but for everybody who was cheered us on and been there with us the whole way.”
Thornton creates headaches for opposing teams which was exemplified Tuesday night. Mismatches are inevitable with such a deadly big three, the trio between Austin Boudreau, Evan Christensen who added 15 points and David Keohan, the junior captain that scored 5 points against Gorham. When I spoke with Keohan about the team he told me, [quote]”We set high expectations for ourselves, personally and as a team. Everyone wants to win but we don’t think anyone wants to win more than we do. After being upset as the 1 seed last year we feel as if we need to prove everyone wrong and bring home the gold ball.”[/quote]

In terms of defense the Trojans are very much in tact, they held the Rams leading scorer to 14 points as Jackson Fotter shot 2 for 6 from the field. TA’s depth alongside bench is a major component of their success thus far, with such a well rounded second unit it is difficult for opposing teams to exploit any weaknesses. When opponents begin to guard the Boudreau on the perimeter he can dish the ball into the interior to Keohan or to John Fogg. If that is not effective than isolating Christensen is the next easiest basket, simply put TA’s boys basketball team is dynamic. All signs indicate that Thornton can go the distance, it will be fun to watch and see if they do.

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