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A Guide to Your Search for the Perfect Class.

It seems like the year just got started, but the Academic Expo is just three months away and students may be considering adding new classes for second semester in the next few weeks as we move into Quarter 2. What are the best classes here at TA?

Or maybe you are an eighth grader who is nervous about going into high school? Or currently in your second or third year and still not sure what classes are fun or enjoyable to take? I’m here to tell you that this is totally a normal part of being in high school. High school is a piece of cake and taking the right classes will totally help!

  • Sociology: This is a great class to take if you are looking for a different insight on the  world or just to see it from another perspective. Sociology to me gives you an outside insight into the world and makes you think twice about everyone you meet and how you perceive it.” (Grace Toshach, TA Senior ‘19)
  • Sports Psych: This class involves the study of how psychological factors affect performance and how participation in sports and exercise affect psychological and physical factors. I feel that it’s important to learn about sports psych if you’re doing something with psychology or PT after high school.” (Dominic Dadiego, TA Senior ‘19)
  • Algebra! Math is always good to take (and not just because it is required), but because it challenges you to push yourself to limits you thought you could stand.  I think that algebra is important to do basic life activities.” (Grace Toshach, TA Senior ‘19)
  • Creative Writing: “Creative writing lets you explore. It is not so strictly based on writing the same thing as everyone else.  I like creative writing because it is a class where I have more freedom with my writing, and I can take control of what I’m doing.” (Desiree Prejean, TA Senior ‘19)
  • Dance: “Dance is a great class to just let loose, have fun, and push your body to the limit.  It is very fun and I enjoy it!” (Elizabeth Toshach, TA Senior ‘19)
  • Latin: “This class is one of the many languages offered here at TA and is often good to take if you plan on going into the medical field after high school.  I like Latin because i lie my teacher and the students and it is a lot of fun.” (Sarah Toshach, TA Senior ‘19)
  • AP Physics.”This class class deals with the structure of matter and the interactions between the fundamental constituents of the observable universe.  This class is really fun and has a lot of good material that I really enjoy to learn. Throughout the class we can all pretty much talk to each other if in moderation and it doesn’t disrupt the class.”
  • Journalism: “Just this year (2018) they made it a full year class! The teacher is absolutely amazing and always gets the students involved and lets us pick a topic we think is interesting and helps us smooth the rough edges and make our story stronger. It is a very great class to take if you want to become more social!” (Tiffany Garland, Senior ‘19)
  • AP Chem.: “This class is the next step into Chemistry and is a science class that challenges you and involves a little bit of math. This would be another great class to take to become more social because they do lots of group labs! I like this class because we do labs and rarely have any work!” (Wendy Yan, TA Senior ‘19)
  • Trigonometry, Probability and Statistics: “As someone who takes this class myself I believe this is an easier math class to take because we do most of ou note taking together and rarely have homework. It’s very laid back, when we do class work on our own we have the freedom to take our time and sit with friends and such.” (Desiree Prejean, Senior ‘19)
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