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Before & After the Storm Winter on Main Street Saco, Maine February ​2019

These photos were taken the day before and after a snowstorm on Main Street, Saco. They show how something that falls from the sky can completely change the landscape. From the streets, the sidewalks, and the people we adjust our day around snow and it impacts us more than we realize. Saco has gotten around 45 inches of snow to date and in the next three days, we have two more chances at getting plowable snow.

A woman in a green coat traverses the bare sidewalk while the dead grass lays uncovered hours before the snow arrives.
The freshly fallen snow tells a story of the busy citizens of Saco.
One of the many Deputy Chief Fire Department patrol cars around Main Street is dormant waiting to be called into action.
A city worker actively clears the sidewalk along City Hall as the snow continues to fall.
A massive crane works on the construction of apartments in the background while City Hall sits in the foreground.
Snow gathers on a bush in front of city hall.
On a frigid winter day, Most Holy Trinity remains alive and warm under the cold overcast sky.
The hard work of city crews shows as they carve out a massive snow wall so people can safely walk the sidewalks
The vibrant colors of the fire hydrant and shops behind light up the landscape on an otherwise gloomy February morning.
The sidewalks are quickly cleared and salted, but the town is quiet following the latest storm.

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