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A take on the job of dorm parents

“One of  the coolest things ever, is being able to interact with so many different cultures around the world, just by being a dorm parent.” – Ms. Townsend, delightfully talks about her own view on her job. Kelly Hartman Townsend, having worked in TA as a dorm parent for 3 years now, shares her point of view on the TA residential life.–kj6DqQEkmlS9D5AkQ-1I7qHK9thw2-

To maintain the tradition of a boarding school, faculty members and their families reside in apartments within the dormitories. This close interaction between students and teachers outside the classroom enables faculty to be more aware of each student’s academic and personal goals, strengths, and weaknesses. Each dormitory is divided into halls, and each hall is overseen by one dorm parent. Dorm parents are responsible for the smooth operation of their dormitory halls and the safety and productivity of their students. They define the rules and set the standards for good communal living.

Dorm parents also encourage socialization on the hall by offering casual get-togethers and informal hall meetings. By establishing and maintaining positive relationships with his or her students, a dorm parent also serves as a means of support when students needs advice on personal or academic matters. Students get to know their dorm parents and their families quite well, and it is imperative for parents to also be acquainted with their child’s dorm parent.

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