Buying Your First Car

A note: This feature is much like a “Pick-Your-Own-Ending” type of writing. Start at the beginning, and follow the directions until you’ve come to a conclusion that fits you! 16 years old, fresh out of the BMV with your license and maybe some money saved up to buy your first car. Buying your first car […]

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Shauna Johnston -librarian

Shauna Johnston, our school librarian, was born and raised in Portland and always knew that she wanted to become a librarian as she’s had a passion for books ever since she was a small girl. Her grandparents were also very captivated scholars. Her grandmother taught college and her grandfather was a minister. ” I just […]

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Local Livelihoods

Our community is comprised of many different people with diverse skills and passions who wake up every day driven to do their jobs. Without any one of them, the fabric of Southern Maine would be altered. Please click on their names to discover interviews the Carpe Diem staff conducted so that we could celebrate the […]

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A High School Horse Owner

Carmen Walks Gucci (left) and Zorro (right) back out to their pasture after dinner, Gucci is 5 and Zorro is 14. She has owned Zorro for 4 and a half years, and has owned Gucci for 6 months. Zorro’s eye. The eye of a horse is one of the largest eyes of any land mammal. […]

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Cleaning the Halls with a Smile

Tim started working at Thornton Academy back in 2012. His title of Head Supervisor of Custodians has allowed him to impact the school atmosphere and the students in a remarkable way. A lot of what Tim does goes unnoticed and unrecognized, this is just one look into his day to day life and a glimpse […]

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How do we justify our beliefs?

Those who have completed post-secondary education tend to lean left in American politics. As documented in this article, higher education tends people towards left wing politics. The article also points out that younger generations are also much more likely to be left-leaning. Knowing these numbers, it interests me to see where high school students land […]

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Straight Into the Workforce

Justin Foss, a senior at Thornton Academy, is continuing with his current job and is going straight into the workforce after graduation. Foss shares experiences and his life choices that led him to where he is today. Foss will be pursuing his career with drive and determination. Listen to Justin Foss’s plan for after graduation […]

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Going Away

The college selection process is hard and stressful for most students. Picking a school that is right for you can be hard and life changing. Many students choose to stay close to home and study locally, but many students including some at TA choose to expand their horizons and go far away for college.   […]

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Year-Round Mud Season

Research has shown that daredevils have a specific gene that creates an urge to do crazy stunts. For example, attempting a near-impossible flip during the Olympic finals, driving fast on the highway, cliff jump or going off trail on a ski slope. People who perform and seek out extreme, daredevil conduct, researchers presumed, likely process […]

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Driving and Teens

In Maine, teens can go to drivers education at age 15, and get their license at age 16. For a very long time, this has been a tradition, but year after year students are getting their license at a later age. AAA did a study in 2018 and found that only 54% of teens have […]

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Injured But Never Broken

It was December 4th when 17 year old track and field athlete, Katie Roy, was at her first practice of the year with brand new coaches. She was going to take her first jump from her full long run. She was in the air going over the bungee when she realized she was going to […]

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Working with special needs kids

Special Education teachers need certain qualifications to work with special needs kids such as training and a license and certification. But even more importantly perhaps, they need to have a strong conviction that disabled people are no less than regular people and should be treated the same but in a more patient manner. SPED teachers […]

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