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Would You Rather Make Toast or Listen to Toast?

An Amy Winehouse like voice fills the air accompanied by a smooth guitar. Occasionally glancing at each other and shyly smiling, Justin Lindsey from Scarborough High School and Emma Ivy from Cheverus High School move and sing together in perfect harmony.  The chemistry between Lindsey and Ivy from is special.  They’re very obviously comfortable with each other and with performing on stage. While watching them perform, it’s easy to get lost in the peaceful music.

Two years ago during the Maine Academy of Modern music “battle of the bands” Ivy and Lindsey became friends. Lindsey and Ivy had seen each other playing music on stage for a couple of years before forming what they are now best known for, Toast.

The MAMM Slam is a competition where bands and single artists come to compete for  $1000 in cash, $16,000 scholarship to the Maine College of Art for each band member, and free recording time. The Maine Academy of Modern Music hosts a preliminary round and a final round at different venues in Portland. Lindsey and Ivy met during the preliminary round of their second MAMM Slam together. “The first time I talked to [Justin] he announced he was sweaty,” said Emma Ivy. Soon after the MAMM Slam prelims, they formed toast. “[It was] just for fun. Playing music when we’d get together, then we started playing MAMM shows and people liked us,” said Lindsey. Ivy claims they formed because Lindsey liked her though.

Both Emma Ivy and Justin Lindsey have bands outside of Toast. Justin’s bandmate, Nathaniel Clay from Cape Elizabeth High School is proud of Justin. Clay says he loves toast and thinks they make great music. “[They] have good chemistry with complimentary voices,” said Clay.

In any band or group there needs to be some kind of connection for it to work and be passionate. Toast doesn’t lack of any of this. Ivy and Lindsey being in a relationship helps them work together better. “You have to have chemistry in a duo and us being together kinda amplifies that,” said Ivy.  Even though they believe they work well together, there’s still room for improvement. “I wish we’d look at each other more,” says Ivy. “We always make each other laugh or smile when we look at each other.” Both agree that they’d like to be more energetic on stage.

Toast playing at Scarborough High School for a fundraiser

Right now Toast is performing mostly covers of songs. A couple of songs they perform are Creep, by Radiohead, and Where is My Mind, by Pixies. Ivy and Lindsey are hoping to write some original songs over the summer. “We…have to sit down and focus and we actually can get a good amount done,” said Ivy “we’re just bad at focusing.”

It is great to see young people having aspirations and being motivated. Hopefully Toast can come together and make some great music, in the meantime we can enjoy their covers. If you would like to check out some of Toast’s music, you can look at their Soundcloud. They also have a Facebook and Instagram with updates about gigs and videos of covers.


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