Worth the Read: Assassin’s Apprentice

The-Assassins-ApprenticeAssassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb

Personally, after discovering this book, I have read it several times. It’s an awesome book for Fantasy lovers, Adventure lovers, and Mystery lovers.

Story Quality: This plotline rates 9/10. Hobb was very successful with his development of the story, the sequence of events leading up to the climax. The story follows the development of a nameless child into a strong young man.

Character Quality: The character quality rates 8/10. The main character, Fitz, is well-developed and detailed with several supporting characters. The main supporting characters are well-developed as well, with only minor missing details.

Conflict Quality: The conflict in Assassin’s Apprentice rates 10/10. The whole situation of royalty and underlying royal blood creates a complex series of events still occurring and developing throughout the next two books.

Appeal: The appeal of Assassin’s Apprentice rates 8/10. As a whole, the book is great, but its hook isn’t the greatest. Once you get past the hook however, the book is awesome.

Over all, Assassin’s Apprentice rates 35/40. While being a great book, it definitely doesn’t hit that top mark. Definitely a must read for anybody who loves old, fiction novels.


My pen falters, then falls from my knuckly grip, leaving a worm’s trail of ink across Fedwren’s paper. I have spoiled another leaf of the fine stuff, in what I suspect is a futile endeavor. I wonder if I can write this history, or if on every page there will be some sneaking show of a bitterness I thought long dead. I think myself cured of all spite, but when I touch pen to paper, the hurt of a boy bleeds out with the sea-spawned ink, until I suspect each carefully formed black letter scabs over some ancient scarlet wound. Both Fedwren and Patience were so filled with enthusiasm whenever a written account of the history of the Six Duchies was discussed that I persuaded myself the writing of it was a worthwhile effort. I convinced myself that the exercise would turn my thoughts aside from my pain and help the time to pass. But each historical event I consider only awakens my own personal shades of loneliness and loss. I fear I will have to set this work aside entirely, or else give in to reconsidering all that has shaped what I have become. And so I begin again, and again, but always find that I am writing of my own beginnings rather than the beginnings of this land. I do not even know to whom I try to explain myself. My life has been a web of secrets, secrets that even now are unsafe to share. Shall I set them all down on fine paper, only to create from them flame and ash? Perhaps. “

 Assassin’s Apprentice Ch. 1
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