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EvermoreEvermore by Alyson NoelEvermore is your standard love story with a plot twist of immortality. This book is definitely for Fantasy and Romance lovers.Story Quality: The plot of Evermore rates 7/10. Evermore is definitely just a standard Romance novel, with a few quirks in it. While standard, it still has a nice plot.Character Quality: The character quality rates 6/10. The characters in Evermore are relatively complex, but they still fit the cookie cutter guide of any romance novel.

Conflict Quality: The conflict in Evermore rates 9/10. It’s a typical romantic conflict, the Ex hates the Girlfriend and the Boyfriend is dragged into the middle of it.

Appeal: The appeal of Evermore rates 8/10. The appeal of Evermore is huge. Any teenage girl or romance lover is likely to love this book.

Over all, Evermore rates 30/40. It’s definitely not at the top of your Must Read list, but it’s worth the time for a nice cozy rest. Alyson Noel is a great author who knows how to keep her reader’s attention.


By the time I make it to our lunch table Haven and Miles are already there. But when I see Damen sitting beside them, I’m tempted to run the other way. ‘You’re free to join us, but only if you promise not to stare at the new kid.’ Miles laughs. ‘Staring is very rude. Didn’t anyone ever tell you that?’ I roll my eyes and slide onto the bench beside him, determined to show just how blase I am about Damen’s presence. ‘I was raised by wolves, what can I say?’ I shrug, busying myself with the zipper on my lunch pack. ‘I was raised by a drag queen and a romance novelist,’ Miles says, reaching over to steal a candy corn off the top of Haven’s pre-Halloween cupcake. ‘Sorry; that wasn’t you, sweetie, that was Chandler on Friends.’ Haven laughs. ‘I, on the other hand, was raised in a coven. I was a beautiful vampire princess, loved, worshiped, and admired by all. I lived in a luxurious, gothic castle, and I have no idea how I ended up at this hideous fiberglass table with you losers.’ She nods at Damen. ‘And you?’ He takes a sip of his drink, some iridescent red liquid in a glass bottle, then he gazes at all three of us and says, ‘Italy, France, England, Spain, Belgium, New York, New Orleans, Oregon, India, New Mexico, Egypt, and a few other places in between.’ He smiles. “

 Evermore Ch. 5

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