Worth The Listen (Flashback): The Killers- “Hot Fuss”


I got a soul, but I’m not a soldier.”

– All These Things That I’ve Done.

Hot Fuss is an 11 track, 45 minute long album by The Killers, released May 12, 2004 and still popular to this day. Their most popular tracks, “Mr. Brightside” and “Somebody Told Me” are both on this album, which is the reason for this album’s high revenue rates.

The Killers are a rock band from America, formed in 2001 by Brandon Flowers (lead vocals, bass, and piano) and Dave Keuning (guitar). The other two current members, Mark Stoermer (bass) and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. (drums) joined in 2002.

Before The Killers became popular, they played small shows in Las Vegas, then went back to their normal jobs during the day. Their shows were good, and soon enough label representatives began scouting them. They ended up signing with the British label “Lizard King Records”.

After that, their career took off and their fan base grew significantly. The band became popular in the UK, and were featured in popular American shows like “Supernatural” which led to their success in America.

This album is filled with catchy guitar riffs and many synthesizer layers, bringing back an ‘80s feel to their music. The lyrics refer to lovers, murders, and obsessions, all of them catchy and enjoyable in their own way. The Killers sound like an old rock band and they tend to mix music styles in order to keep their songs sounding fresh.

My favorite song in this album is “Mr. Brightside” because it’s fun to sing along to and the music is that kind of tune that gets stuck in your head really easily. The drums are my favorite part, maintaining a good beat and it goes along perfectly with the guitar riffs.

If you want to listen to The Killers, I definitely suggest starting with this album, especially since it’s the first album they released. Other good albums include Sawdust and Battle Born, so I would definitely recommend listening to those too.

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