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Why Students Should Learn More About Careers in School

High schools need to do more to prepare their students for a career. Students are being taught how to write essays and being forced to take art classes and gym classes to graduate. Art class does not help prepare a student that wants to become a cop, gym class does not help a student who wants to become a welder. Schools need to offer more programs and classes that help students choose what career they want. If a student is struggling in a math class chances are they are not going to choose a career in math, same goes for any other subject. Some schools offer programs that introduce what a certain career is like, but not all students who want to take those programs are accepted. Schools are more worried about teaching their students subjects and they are not teaching students about different career options they should choose. Students have access to the internet to find out about all the careers there are but there are so many of them students are confused where to go next to find answers. 

An example of a school that is focused on helping their students chose a career is Philadelphia’s Mercy Vocational School. This school helps students not only get their high school diploma but they help their students get an industry certification for the career they want to pursue. In countries like Germany, and Finland students take a test in middle school which decides whether they will move on to apprenticeships or a university preparation route. The system has been working extraordinarily well for these countries. Germany has one of the lowest youth unemployment rates in the world. In an article written by Scott Jaschik on an Association of American Colleges and Universities report said , “When it comes to the types of skills and knowledge that employers feel are most important to workplace success, large majorities of employers do NOT feel that recent college graduates are well prepared. This is particularly the case for applying knowledge and skills in real-world settings, critical thinking skills, and written and oral communication skills — areas in which fewer than three in 10 employers think that recent college graduates are well prepared. Yet even in the areas of ethical decision-making and working with others in teams, many employers do not give graduates high marks.”

I believe schools need to incorporate career choices more in their students learning so students have a better idea as to what they want to be when they grow up. I as a student have learned more about careers from searching on the internet than at school, although I can just look it up online I don’t always get a full understanding as to what I need to do to pursue that career. All students are worried about is getting good grades and being accepted into good colleges when we should be learning about a career option we are interested in.

We will not be in school for the rest of our lives, most of us will work at the same job until we are 65, some will work longer, and some will retire younger, so why should we stress about grades in an art class, or a gym class, or a class that we’re never going to use in our everyday life, when we could be spending our time taking a class that teaches you about a career that you will most likely spend the rest of your life doing. A lot of people choose a career that they think they want to do and they start working and realize it wasn’t the job for them, by learning about careers in school students would have more of an idea about what they want to be instead of choosing something they think they will like when they end up hating it.  

Most high schools are preparing their students for college when some students are not suited for college or even want to go to a college so vocational high schools are successful in preparing their students for success. I believe that all high schools should provide a vocational program for every one of their students and students should not be turned away from the program they should all have an equal opportunity no matter what their grades are or what kinds of classes they take. According to, “Nearly half of America’s college students drop out before receiving a degree.” Students are being overwhelmed with too many options and they don’t know which to choose so they pick one and end up not liking it and they don’t know where to go next.

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