Videos To Get You Through Finals

Family Chant

“The dark man took my son. aaaAAAAAAAH” “YIP YIP YIP”

Meanwhile in Russian School

Just another normal day in school.

Buckle Up

Since the year is almost over, it’s time to go to work, which means not getting invited to office parties.

Hey Andy Sweetie

The best pickup line in existence.

The Story of “Man Door Hand Hook Car Door”

“I love you sweaty”

I Smell Like Beef

NSFV (Not safe for vegans)

You’re Correct Horse


Have You Ever Had A Dream Like This?

That you. That you um. That you. You could. That you want them to. That you. You do. You could. That you could do so much???

Hi Welcome To Chilis

We all know you’re on vine instead of being in class.

A Reading of “Has anyone really been far as decided…”

Well have you?

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