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U.S. Toboggan National Championships

Tis’ the season for Camden’s annual U.S Toboggan National Championships.

Every year people gather on Megunticook Lake for a three day Toboggan extravaganza.

People, such as this participant, wear costumes to distinguish their teams.

This track is the main event. People fly down on home-made toboggans to achieve the fastest time.

On the sidelines, people cheer on their old and new friends from huts and shacks.

For three days and three nights, brave campers battle the sub-zero temperatures.

Back at the track, speakers announced the times and the winners, posted on this wooden board.

At the end of the track, a massive sign welcomes the courageous competitors.

Gathered at the top of the track, adults and children alike, await for their chance to win.

Here is a close up of one of the participants, reaching high speeds, bracing for the win.
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