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Thought of the Day

Photo By Nicholas Kaiser


The opportunities I have had here, I would have never had anywhere else. If it wasn’t for TA I probably wouldn’t be going to an art and design college.  Moving here, I was able to have a fresh start. I was able to express my true personality. My first year here, Junior year, I was still exploring what I like and what I want to do, but the truth is, the exploring never stops. I’m still exploring what I want to do with my life as a senior about to graduate. I have now decided to major in graphic design and that I need a gap year. In September it was a different story. Last year I didn’t even know. Attending Thornton Academy helped me realize my full potential and I am thankful for the opportunity to attend. It’s amazing how one event can change your whole life. What event changed your life and how? Or If one event in your life didn’t happen or happened differently how would you be a different person today?

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