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Thornton Academy’s Dorm Students Go Home For the Holidays

Whether you are heading to the next state or the other side of the world for the holidays, travel can be very stressful. We have students at TA from other countries and many take advantage of the longer winter break to fly home for the holidays.

Dasha Okolysheva 21′

“I left Friday, November 16th at 1:15 pm from TA and I then traveled to Logan International Airport and from there I flew to Amsterdam and then to Saint Petersburg, Russia, Where I am from! I arrived home on Saturday, November 17th at 7:30 pm. It felt really weird to be home because I haven’t been there in four months. My technical new home is the dorms and being in my actual home felt like everything was the same again. My mom was so excited and happy to see me, she even cried,” said sophomore dorm student Dasha Okolsheva.

Isabella Confino Romero 19′

I am from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. I left on November 20th and went to Cancun and arrived the very same day. “I was nervous to go home, so nervous that I had butterflies in my stomach. I was just so excited to see my mom! When I finally saw my mom I just hugged her. I didn’t want to let her go. When she saw me for the first time in her face just filled with emotion and to see her reaction was priceless. My parents are unfortunately separated, but next vacation I will see my dad,” said senior Isabella Confino Romero.

For these exchange students traveling home is a big stress reliever. They are able to leave all of their school work behind and enjoy the Holidays with their families,m so of all the dorm students, Merry Christmas, “Feliz Navidad!”, “ счастливого Рождества.”

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