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The Shoe Game

Kami[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen most people think of shoes they think of them as a thing that goes on your feet. Some people use them for style and comfort. In high school having a “fresh” pair of shoes is always a plus. Being the kid who has the new Jordan’s or the new Kamakazies is a big topic for shoe heads. Some kids not only wear shoes for style but use them for a huge way of income.

Selling choice shoes can be a part-time job. It’s a growing market that a lot of young adults have started to pick up and can be very rewarding for those that play it right. A few kids who attend Thornton sold shoes and they all say that they are always working towards getting the hottest pair of shoes for the best price.

Some of the most expensive shoes ever sold have all been from the Nike franchise. One shoe was the Air Jordan 11 (Black out). Which sold for $11,000 and some site have said that one person did end up purchasing the shoe. Another shoe was the Air Yeezy 2 (Red October) this shoe was being auctioned and the price got all the way up to $17,000,000! I don’t believe that someone really bought the shoe but it’s the craziest bid for shoes ever.

“A good place to find shoes is Footlocker or Ebay, other places are like flight club, foot action, and finish line. I don’t usually go to any other stores,” said junior Cam Avallon.

“The most expensive shoe I’ve bought was these white and red ones and there were around $200. I’ve only sold like two pairs of shoes to people,” said Avallon.

I know that he most likely wears Jordan’s and if he buys shoes they are usually something with Nike. I don’t know many or any people who wear things other than Nike.

“Since 1989, Since then, the size of the athletic shoe market has more than doubled to $21 billion a year in the United States alone.”

“But in this world of sneakerheads , a man who calls himself DJ Clark Kent is the president. He owns at least 2,500 pairs, rarely wearing the same shoe twice. A legend among the sneakerheads, Kent says he got into the shoe game three decades ago. Back then, he says, kids wanted the shoes, but today want the glory of the sale.”

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