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The Pets of TA

Pets add so much happiness and laughter to our lives. Here are just some pets of the students here at TA. Read on, enjoy laughter and adorable animal photos.

This is Quill, hedgehog of Sarah. S (senior) “She kinda hisses when you touch her head. At night she runs on a wheel, and you can hear her chomping on her food. We have some little toys in there, she pushes balls around and runs through tubes.”
This is Lexie, cat of Julianne A. (senior) “Okay so when she was little she used to come into the bathroom while you’re on the toilet and hop up on your lap and just lay there lol. Now she just comes in (if you forget to close the door all the way) and rubs against your legs/feet. She loves feet. Also, when she’s about to sprint through the house she makes like a small screeching noise and then pounces into a run lol.”
This is Red, cat of Andrew H. (senior) “He likes to rub his face on either hard surfaces or anything that smells bad, Preferably both.”


This is Ellie, dog of Matt B. (freshman) “She was a rescue from hurricane Katrina.”
This is Cinnamon, dog of Kim C. (senior) “She whines a lot, but anything interesting is that her nasal canal is really weirdly shaped so it sounds like she’s purring when she breathes through her nose.”


This is Princess, cat of Victoria G. (senior) “Hmmm a weird thing one of my cats does is eat paper. We call her the goat because if you leave any sort of paper product on the floor she will eat it and we’ve always joked no paper is safe on our house.”


This is Gizmo, cat of Stephanie B. (senior) “He’s lazy af”


This is Viper (also pictured is Reannon’s mom’s snake), snake of Reannon W. (senior) “Well my snake Viper is afraid of heights and is selective in who she cuddles with. But she’ll take naps with me only and loves to curl up in my sweatshirt pouches.



These are the many pets of Sierra T. (senior) “It’s kinda cute, Nosedive is in this huge tank (like I can almost take a bath in it it’s crazy) and Codex will sit on the floor under the tank, and Nosedive will jump and stick himself to the glass when he sees her and she’ll start pawing at him and the he’ll move and she’ll follow and they like play with each other. Thing is whenever I try to film it on my phone she (Codex) stops, it’s like she knows exactly what’s happening when the phone is pointed at her, it’s really adorable. Also, Sunni’s tank is right next to Moo’s (they’re both glass and right next to each other) and sometimes he’d swim right up to the glass and keep trying to swim into Moo’s tank proceeding to smash into the wall and Moo just watches him try like ‘you idiot’, I ended up putting paper in between the tanks and Sunni stopped doing it now.”


This is BJ (dog)& jinxsy (cat), the two pets of Jillian S. (junior) “My dog is afraid of ocean water My cat chirps at the sunlight/birds outside. My dog lays in a really weird way, his legs stretch out behind him as he lays on his stomach. My cat bites on your head when he wants attention.”
This is Louie Flenchman B. (Louie), dog of Ginny B. (sophomore) “He has eaten a lot of crabs at the beach. Also Once I made a cake and put it on the table, I went somewhere and when I came back the cake was gone and the plate was clean and the bench was knocked over.”


This is Blackie, cat of Max G. (senior) “My cats drink from the sink, I’m not sure how normal that is, my older cat is blind and deaf so it just screams when it wants something lol. She’s like 20 years old or so.”
This is Ali, cow of Calli L. (junior) “I have this one Jersey cow who is 4 years old and she likes to eat chocolate coconut donuts or any donuts in general. But chocolate coconut are her favorite.”


This is Roscoe, dog of Mahaley H. (senior) “He’s a bloodhound so he’s got a super sensitive nose, the smell of anything citrus, bug sprays and spray on sunscreen make him so crazy! He nose dives into the ground and freaks out.”


This is Mojo, dog of Sidney H. (senior) “Mojo, she’s little, but old and she does this weird thing i don’t even know how to describe it. she like rubs her stomach on everything and then she’ll roll over and start doing like reverse crunches.”
This is Olive, cat of Zoe G. (junior) “Whenever her food gets out of her bowl she’ll swipe it into the corner. Also, we buy her toys and she’ll purposely put it in her water bowl. We’re trying to figure out why she does that. My mom thinks that she thinks that she’s killing them so we should congratulate her for it.”
This is Zoe, dog of Mary H. (junior) “She likes light, so if you shine a laser light on the ground she’ll chase it for hours.”


This is Laura Lee, dog of Amelya T. (senior) “She always sits or lays in the weirdest positions. She will squish herself into a small space on the couch just to be close to my mom. She also just suddenly puts her head on the ground and butt up in the air, it looks like it has to be uncomfortable, but she just stares you down till you rub her butt. lol”
This is Twilight, cat of Chelsey B. (junior) “My pet cat named twilight likes to sleep inside my pants. I leave clothes on the floor and she’ll crawl inside them and sleep in them.”


This is Cadie, dog of Annabel W. (senior) “She loved swimming to the point that she will swim until she drowns. There have been several times where physically have to pull her out of the water because she’s too tired that her head goes underwater and she starts choking. She has also learned how to climb the ladders to those floating docks.”


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