The Curative Power of Positive Thoughts

From  childhood we learn that if we are in pain we’re automatically going to get some medicine or pills to feel better. We have been taught if we are sick, our body “needs” some drugs to kill the bacteria. But maybe it is a mistake for us to rely so heavily on something we call “drugs” for better health.

A simple example, is when people get a headache most of us will take some medicine. Another small group will say, “I have a headache almost everyday. I am used to it.” In my opinion, this is much better solution than people who are going to take pills. But the problem is that those who don’t take medication avoid it because they assume their headache is something ordinary. People, like myself,  who believe our bodies and mind are connected, know that a headache or any pain or illness is not ordinary at all. They are messages that must not be ignored. I believe a headache is a signal that you are dealing with too much. Our negative , emotional thoughts like anxiety or worry can create psychical problems, but the good news is that if we can step back, we can gain control. When we learn to live in the present moment, we are not plagued by past regrets or future worries. Problems = Pain.

Hard to understand? Don’t worry, you will. But you will have to be open to seeing that our spiritual, emotional and physical selves are all connected. This is not a way of looking at our bodies that is typical in America.

According to a book by Henry K. Beecher “The power of positive thinking is not a new subject. The Talmud, the ancient compendium of rabbinical thought, states that: ‘Where there is hope, there is life.’ And hope is positive expectation, by another name.”

The scientific study of the placebo effect began with a pioneering paper published in 1955 called “The Powerful Placebo.” 26 studies were analyzed, and it was found that an average of 32% of patients responded to a placebo. This means that because of positive belief that “the medicine” which was in fact just a sugar pill, was enough to improve the patient’s condition.

My dad Michal Hasek used to have problems with his back four years ago. Every day was the same for him, full of pain and inability  to live an active life. I was so sorry for him. But four months later something incredible happened.

“I used to have problems with my spine. Everything started really inconspicuously during  soccer practice. Thanks to sweat and cold weather outside my back had frozen. It was the last few minutes of practice and I kicked  the ball. Then I felt the biggest pain. Since then my problems with my back started to be worse and worse. Sometimes I couldn’t get out of my car, because my back stayed in a sitting position and I couldn’t straighten. It was happening over and over that my intervertebral disc kept dropping out. The pain, which I felt in that moment I can’t describe. I became a disabled person and I could just lie. It was terrible. I couldn’t do things which I was used to. No work, no sports, nothing. My doctor told me that I’d be paralytic if I didn’t get an operation. The panic came. I was so worried  what would happen with me, with my family if I became paralyzed.

I couldn’t move even go to the toilet. I would roll down to a blanket on the floor and then my wife dragged me to the bathroom. Then I tried to lift my body, but in vain. It was like that for four months, but finally I decided that I will not go to the operation. I have no idea where it came from, but I had been started to believe that I could heal. I would be okay! I just needed to relax. So I was lying on the bed and believed. I believed and I knew that I’d do the things which I used to do again. And then it happened.

Now I am working and playing sports. My doctor, family, friends couldn’t believe my recovery.Nobody! Just me. When you believe in your skills and in your body, you can do anything. I believed that I’d be okay and today I am. I believed so much. Doctors told me I’d be paralytic without operation, but my faith recovered me. I am healthy and strong again and I know that I can do whatever I believe. My illness made me stronger and today I am very thankful for that!”

Derya Yurtsever is junior from Turkey. After many experiences she also believes that much far physical pain is a result of emotion pain and we can control it. ”I think that illness is something  we are responsible for, that means we should take care of ourselves because health is the most important thing for people.”

  Yurtsever  believes  that every pain in our body is caused by some problem in our mind.

So that problem is shown by the pain. Last week she was playing basketball during practice and hurt her right ankle. “Too much pressure in my head during my practice. I was worried about my mistakes. What if I will do this thing or this thing wrong? I believe that my ankle just showed me stop worried about something what you love, and enjoy this moment, but I understood when my pain came.Always when I have some pain in my body, first of all I tried to figure out what I am dealing in my head,” she said.

Our body is divided on two parts and I believe that we can use where we feel pain or illness to better determine what is wrong emotionally.The Right side is impacted by your career, dreams, goals, money or sports. The left side is more important, because it’s home of your heart, which represent family, close friends and important people in your life. 

I know how hard is understand these things, it took long time for me to understand, but when once I did, everything became easier. We use obvious discomfort in our body as a map, we can more easily access and identify complex emotions. Next time, try to remind it and try to find your problem without some medicine and recover your body thanks to your skills!

“ Long time I was thinking about my job, career and money. It made me so worried. When something makes you really worried about and sad it’s just start with little signal. If you don’t listen your little signals, it’s going to be worse and worse. I really disregarded it and my back showed me that I need to pay attention for it,” said Hasek.

Believing in yourself and practicing positive thinking on a daily medicine is the best way for recovery and for beautiful life.

The final and most compelling proof of this mind-body connection come to me over break when I was home and my family told me that my grandmother is healed from cancer. Her cancer was 85% of her body. After 20 days of treatment with my dad by drinking  just fresh smoothies, giving love from her family and deleting wrong thoughts from her mind, recovered her. If she stayed on chemotherapy in hospital, her life could be really bad. Now she is happy and she is enjoying her life-like never before.

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