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The Brains Behind the New App Trio


3/10/15 -Jacob Buttarazzi Interviews Misha Leybovich, CEO of Meograph about his recently released App TRIO.  Leybovich has been working with co-founder and CTO Clay Garrett on the Trio app for a year. The new app launched Wednesday March 4th and is now available to YOU! Leybovich reached out to the Carpe Diem team because he believes the app will be of special interest to the high school and college market.

He says that today’s teens are “early adopters, very creative and very viral.” He believes small groups of teenagers have the power to make Trio a success and welcomes user response. The Trio team promises to read and respond to every email.

Trio helps users to make mashups of online content like photos, videos, GIFs and then to give the creation a new spin by adding music, audio and text.

He admits the company went through a couple of years where they were “wandering in the wilderness,” a natural growth curve for any company in the industry. But he believes Trio is the product of previous trial and error and feels confident that  “Trio has the DNA of a winner.”

In the perfect world, Leybovich hopes that in a few years Trio will be able to boast of millions of downloads, be able offer more sources to the mashup mix and will have become the go to place for creative content creation.

The most collaborative part of the app is the challenges feature which is the newest element of Trio. It is still evolving, but Challenges enables users to send out a call to action and see what others can think of for content around a shared idea. This process could be really cool for classrooms looking for a little “friendly competition” or for a group of friends enjoying an “inside joke.”

Leybovich realizes that “video creation is super duper hard” and has designed Trio to remove as many creation barriers as possible.

What kind of mind designs creative apps? The same kind that builds a snowman at the foot of Everest that made Leybovich a finalist in the Guinness Book of World Records. To be an official winner, you must have two official eyewitnesses. Since the builders were just Misha, his hiking buddy and a sherpa (who is unreachable) they were not able to get the record, but he plans to go back some day to finish the job.

Originally his goal going into Grad school at MIT was to become an astronaut. During his time there he veered towards business and business technology. This flexibility is a theme in Leybovich’s life. He values adaptability and believes there is nowhere in the world where he can not find a rich experience.

His travels around the world have driven him to find “innovative and new ways to present media.” While traveling, he was always looking for fun and engaging ways to share his travel stories with friends.

Leybovich’s parents grew up in the former Soviet Union and as a first generation American presently living in San Francisco, he does not take for granted that he “has this ability to try all these new things.” He appreciates that if he “works hard and has some good luck” he can be successful!


Favorite place you have ever lived? San Francisco

Favorite TV show? Walking Dead

Favorite song? Rather Be by Clean Bandit

Best quality in a work partner? Confident Humility

5 words you hope people will use when they describe Trio? Mash Up, Fun, Creative, Entertaining, Empowering

[box]So go ahead and try it out! The app can be downloaded at . And guess what…IT’S FREE. Give  it a whirl, then let Leybovich and the Meograph team know what you thought by sending reviews or suggestions to[/box]



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