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Tattoos of TA


Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 8.13.24 AMIn just one class (our G1 Journalism block), 5 out of 14 students have at least one tattoo. Three more plan to get one in the near future. Statistics posted on Statistics Brain suggest that this reflects national averages. According to an article written by Rebecca Lake there is a growing number of young adults aged from 18-24 are said to have at least 1 tattoo. They have come to a number of about 20% of adults aged 18 and up have 1 tattoo.

Name: Allie Hanright

Age: 18IMG_4987

When was it done? First one was done on Feb. 26 Second one does not really remember

Where was it done?First one was done in Maine Second done in California

What is it?First one is a Rose Second is The State of Maine

How much was it?First: $250 Second: $120

Story behind it? “I always wanted to be a Tattoo artist, I used to draw roses on my forearm all the time. But now I wanted to get a real one!”


Name: Brandon Bodnar

Age: 18

When was it done?  “4 months after my birthday.”

Where was it done? Good & Evil

What is it? Semi Colon

How much was it? $60

Story behind it? “It’s a promise I will be here tomorrow, I saved about 6 friends from committing suicide. I myself had thoughts about it but never did it. I have a friend who tried to kill herself 12 times. But after all the craziness and after all the times she was saved she now has a $25,000 Scholarship to one of the best nursing schools in the country.”


Name: Megan Yudaken

Age: 18

When was it done? March 2015

Where was it done? Ryan Hall’s dining room

What is it? Zodiac Sign (Pisces)

How much was it? $10

Story behind it?

“Me and Kayla got ours together, She got hers on her hip and I saw she went through some crazy pain so I got mine on my arm.”

  IMG_4992 IMG_4993 IMG_4995IMG_4994

Name: Jessica Hashkova

Age: 17 

When was it done? “ First one was in January, Second was in June, Third one was in 2015 and same with the fourth one.”

Where was it done?
All were done in Czech

What is it?
“Do what you love and love what you do” first one

“…always in my heart” Second

“XVI” third

A Tiger- fourth

How much was it? First: $150, Second: $150, Third $100, Fourth: $50

Story behind it? “This one (Second tattoo) is because my sister travels a lot so I don’t get to see her often, so we both got this for each other. This one (Third one) is because this number is very important to me. And the Tiger is because I am a Leo and ya know it fits me.”

IMG_4996 IMG_4997

Name: Phoebe Gariepy

Age: 16

When was it done? “Freshman year so I was 14.”

Where was it done? “My house using a needle and a pencil and using ink I got a store.”

What is it? First one is a Symbol  Second is Branch with leaves

How much was it? Free besides buying supplies

Story behind it? “The first one was because I got into Yoga and it Kind of Symbolized that, The second on is because while doing yoga I got really into Hiking and how nature was my place of a good feeling.”

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  1. Jake Lewis Jake Lewis May 13, 2016

    Very cool I plan on getting a tattoo soon commemorating my passed on mom tattoos have always been cool to me I always love looking at other peoples and asking them about them.

  2. paul paul May 13, 2016

    Tattoos are addicting

  3. Andrew Goulden Andrew Goulden May 13, 2016

    wow a tattoo at 14

  4. Tom Teague Tom Teague May 13, 2016

    Did it hurt when you got a Tattoo?

  5. Meredith D Meredith D May 17, 2016

    I love reading about the meaning behind each tattoo.

  6. Lucy Macomber Lucy Macomber May 17, 2016

    Super interesting. I would like to see a school-wide follow up

  7. Sara Sara May 18, 2016

    If I wasn’t so terrified of needles and pain I would totally get a tattoo.

  8. Marinna Purcell Marinna Purcell May 18, 2016

    Such a great article! I love hearing about the back stories of tattoos. So great!

  9. Kelly Gallant Kelly Gallant May 18, 2016

    nice job Dev, love this. I love the meanings of each tattoo 🙂

  10. Ryan McIntyre Ryan McIntyre May 18, 2016

    Interesting facts I didn’t know that many young people had them. Good to know

  11. Shawna L Shawna L May 18, 2016

    definitely would want to see a school-wide follow up

  12. Samantha Samantha May 18, 2016

    Very interesting to see the meaning behind why people get their tattoos and where. I am sure more students in the school have tattoos and others would never know about them.

  13. Hannah Hannah May 18, 2016


  14. Makayla Goulet Makayla Goulet May 18, 2016

    Wow I did not realize the amount of people with tattoos in our school. I dont think I will ever get one but I love reading the stories behind it.

  15. Jules G Jules G May 18, 2016

    This is a great article, I really like how it shows where everyone got theirs and why. Everyone is so different and it’s awesome to see all the different stuff people like and what they think represents themselves.

  16. Dan H. Dan H. May 19, 2016

    Great story! I love the stories behind each tattoo and it was enlightening to learn how common they were among my classmates.

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