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Foreign Students vs Trump Policy

Stopping extremist islamic terrorism and fixing the country’s immigration system were both top issue during Trump’s presidential campaign. In his first week in office he acted on his campaign words immediately when he signed the first executive order on travel and immigration. The first order was widely rejected and caused chaos amongst the people. The […]

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Women; The Same Around the World

Subin Jung  stood in the doorway watching her mother, grabbing the binder and papers she needed for the day. They were embarking for China, a new business opportunity unfolding. Her mother, a very successful business women, is always imagining how to become more prosperous. Jung admires her mother’s ability to juggle her family, along with […]

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Why Chinese Students Choose America

The United States is consistently the top study abroad destination for students around the world, with nearly 900,000 international students coming to the U.S. to study during the 2013-2014 school year, according to a study completed in 2015 by Voice of America. As reported by an annual survey called 2013 Open Doors Report on International […]

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