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Things That go Bump in the Night

Things That go Bump in the Night discusses some of the worst murderers this world has ever seen. From H.H Holmes Murder Hotel to The Lipstick Killer, this show will keep you up at night thinking you’re the next victim. Your host, Zoe O, or better known by her classmates as Little Miss Murder, eerily […]

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The Drama Family: A place to Call Home Through the Strange and Wonderful High School Years

According to the American Alliance for Theater and Education, “Numerous studies have demonstrated a correlation between drama involvement and academic achievement. In addition to having higher standardized test scores than their peers who do not experience the arts, student who participate in drama often experience improved reading comprehension, maintain better attendance records, and stay generally […]

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An Adoption Dog’s Unconditional Love

Clarissa Merrifield recently adopted a dog named Bailey from the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, “I saw Bailey on the refuge league site….On February 3rd I walked in and said, ‘Hi I’m here to bring Bailey home today!’” This wasn’t just an everyday dog adoption for Merrifield, she was looking for a sweet pit […]

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The Language to Know in Today’s World

By HANEEN AHMIDA & FANNI ABONYI When the Arabic course was first introduced in 2011 it was an X block class, TA was actually  the first school to offer Arabic in the State of Maine. It wasn’t until 2013- 2014 that the language became part of the regular school day offerings. In 2014-2015 Arabic II […]

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International Students Find Their Voice

As she stepped into the classroom during her first year as a sophomore, Jessie Zhao immediately felt out-of-place. She was outnumbered and lost in a sea of misunderstanding. There was no escape. Zhao was the only international student in her Honors Sophomore English class taught by Misharra Hefler.  said Zhao. The fear of not being […]

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The Fight to Conquer Domestic Violence

On February 15th 2014, security cameras in a casino elevator in New Jersey, caught NFL Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice hitting his wife, Janay Rice, so hard that she was out cold in a matter of seconds. The instant viral attention this act received,  hit people of all groups to the core and not […]

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