TA Boys Swimming: Season in Review

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A typical day for the TA Swim Team starts when the team arrives at the YMCA for practice. They start doing warm ups, like pushups, which Noah Whalen is the king of.  At the start of the season he started out at 15 pushups, and continued to increase the amount he did throughout the season.   Once warm ups are done, the team gets ready and goes into the pool. A typical practice last one hour every weekday, however there was nothing typical about this year’s swim team.

The Swim Team had a really good season this year. 10 TA boys swimmer competed at the State Meet.

Also several new records were set this year. Chris Steward had a standout year setting a new record of 2:06:94 in the 2002M. The old record was a time of 2:07:33 set by Todd Poirier in 1999. Chris also broke his old records in the 100 Fly and 100 Back.  His new time in the Fly is 55.53 seconds and in the Back it is 57.39. The 400 free relay team of Josh Roberts, Tom Cote, Eil Steward and Chris Steward have had a great season. Their current record is 3:31:69, and they have broken the record for this race twice already this season.

Clearly, this will be a season and swim team to remember. Swimming is very much an individual sport, but competitors do have teammates to help and motivate them.The team is made up of many different people with different opinions, but they are all bound by their love of swimming.

Chris Steward had this to say, “What I like about swimming is the way it is a very individual sport as well as a team sport. Because you are always trying to be faster for yourself but also trying to win meets with your team. This year’s boys team is very special because there are so many very talented and ambitious freshmen on the team.”

“I think swimming is different because it is just as much of a mental sport as it is a physical sport. You have to mentally prepare for each race, for example we visualize ourselves swimming the race with perfect technique,” Steward explained.  “We also try not to think about how much the race will hurt afterwards, sometimes people throw up after hard events because they swam so hard.”

“Also technique is probably the most important part about swimming because you could be the strongest person in the world and sink like a rock. People are always learning new ways to swim faster and more efficiently so there is always something new to learn to help you go faster,” said Steward.

Quite clearly swimming means a lot to Chris. It requires great mental focus and dedication to improve, but it is also very fun and social. Chris isn’t the only one who feels this way about Swimming.

Jason Morrill, who is a senior member of the Swim Team, said, “One of my favorite things about swimming is the atmosphere. During a meet, there’s this huge sense of both competition and togetherness between the teams that’s hard to find in a lot of other sports.  We have a really unique group of people on the team this year. Many of our strongest swimmers are new, whether freshmen or from other countries. There’s a really special energy between our swimmers, especially during a contest. I’ve had multiple people come up to me while cheering on someone, and immediately after learning who they are begin to cheer with me.  Everyone supports everyone else, and I think that great!”

“Swimming is really distinct in that it’s both a group and individual sport. While there are meets where points are given for placement, ultimately the only person you’re racing is yourself. Many on the team have there best times for nearly every event memorized. When they step up to the block, or position themselves on the wall, very few are even aware of the other swimmers. In the end it’s a race against yourself,” Morrill said.

Both Steward and Morrill mentioned that Swimming is an individual and team sport. It is this that has given the boys team such a successful season. Everyone on the team had their own goals for the season,and their teammates helped them out by motivating each other to do their best. This attitude is reflected in the boys performance at the state meet. The boys finished in 8th place,out of 27 teams, with 105 points. In the history of the boys team this is tied with the 99-00 team for highest place at States.

With a number of young and talented underclassmen on the swim team, the future looks bright for TA Boy’s Swimming.

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