Supporting Yourself While Surviving Senior Year

IMG_2540Being a current High School student, also having two jobs, having to pay bills and buy everything I wear is stressful. Not many people can imagine what it’s like at this age to see the first of the month looming and have a strong feeling of dread overcome you as you wonder if you’re going to make ends meet.

According to the MIT living wage calculator, on average the wage needed to be above poverty for 1 adult in York County is around $10.00. Making $15.00 at one of my jobs and $12.00 at the other, so I am well above the average but with the costs of my car, gas for going to work and back, my phones and other things, add up quick.

                In a normal day, I wake up at around 6:30 am. I try to leave my house at around 7:20 am. After school, I go usually go home for a bit then, then at 3:30 I go to work. Normally I don’t get out till about 11. I’m not home until about 12, so I usually crash, then wake up to do it all again.

                Since I’m staying with a friend and bouncing back to my fathers house occasionally, rent isn’t that big of a deal, but I do give money to both for letting me stay. Food wise I normally go out and eat somewhere or at work I get food during the night. The biggest expense is gas though. Since I’m driving to Saco, Dayton and Sanford everyday I spend at least $50-$70 in gas a week.

               School is a challenge because not a lot of people know about my challenges! If someone was to ask me, I would tell them and answer the questions they asked. It does make school hard though. Not having someone to really help me push through is the hardest part. The biggest key is having the self motivation to work for what’s good for myself.

               The biggest goal I’m sure everyone has in the future is just to be happy in life. All I want is to live comfortable, and not have to worry about money or the end of the month. I just want money to be the last thing I have to worry about, but for now it seems to occupy most of my mind and causes me a lot of stress. But in the end I feel as if I will be more prepared in life. When the time comes that I have to really make some hard decisions and make the real changes in my life. I think my challenging senior year will have taught me the resolution I need to choose the right path.

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