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Sunday River Expansions and Events.

Sunday River is one of the best riding mountains around, located in Newry Maine Sunday River has 135 trails, over 800 skiable acres and 15 speed lifts, a one day lift ticket for an adult is $105 and the season gold new england pass is $1,389 which seems a little pricey but it’s valid every day of the season, can be used at Ski Sunday River, Loon & Sugarloaf, includes 10 discounted Friend Tickets, Western resort benefits, 15% retail savings and Lodging & dining discounts.

Thanksgiving at Sunday River is a big deal, if you pay an extra twenty bucks for your lift ticket they will feed you a full course thanksgiving meal, they go the whole nine yards they stay late the night before to prep all the entrees and start cooking 3,000 turkeys they also come in early in the morning to put the finishing touches on all the food.

Many students have been heading to Sunday River every winter for their whole life and look forward each year to all the expected traditions and also all the new improvements. This year visitors will enjoy The $2.2-million Spruce Peak Triple, the first new lift at the since 2008, According to Maine Biz, “It will be able to carry 1,480 skiers an hour at a rate of 500 feet per minute and will be about three minutes shorter than the 11-minute ride of the old lift.”

“The trails over all have improved as well as their terrain parks, the grooming has improved and now there is more space for people to spread out and not be so congested on only a few trails… also their new lifts are noticeably faster than last years,” said junior Camden Kelly.

Kelly’s favorite mountain is tied between Sunday River and Shawnee Peak

There is also a new trail this winter named Bear Paw will debut this winter, described as a beginner-friendly trail on Locke Mountain. The trail was built in partnership with Bethel’s Gould Academy, and is designed to keep traffic off the resort’s dedicated race trail that Sunday River and Gould Academy use for training, events, and a competitive weekend program.

“I taught almost everything you need to know while skiing/snowboarding, My favorite lessons were the private lessons, you could connect with people and it was a better and safer learning environment… I taught racers special technique, I taught new learners and everywhere in between, the pay sucked but i got a season pass and I loved my job,” said an anonymous

The mountain is also adding New snowmaking capacity, a 32-by-24 foot deck to the Mountain Room.

“I have been snowboarding for as long as i can remember even though I’m more of a Shawnee Peak kinda guy i love Sunday River… I used to have a drink with my friends while on the mountain and with the addition of the new deck it just creates more options,” said Thornton alumni Kenneth Beaudoin.

“The number of trails that they have at the condition they are in is outstanding, you can see and feel the difference after the 4.7 million dollar expansion to all their lifts and slopes,” said senior ski enthusiast Ben Bartlett. “I have been skiing for 15 out of 17 years of my life, and over the course of those 15 years I have seen sunday grow and improve keeping up with bigger mountains such as Loon and Sugarloaf.”

With the start of 2019 Sunday River is starting of slow but has plans for even more renovations

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