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Straight Into the Workforce

Justin Foss, a senior at Thornton Academy, is continuing with his current job and is going straight into the workforce after graduation. Foss shares experiences and his life choices that led him to where he is today. Foss will be pursuing his career with drive and determination.

Listen to Justin Foss’s plan for after graduation here!

Mrs. Wallace, a guidance counselor at TA, often offers advice to students deciding if college is for them. “It is my personal belief that students can find success in many different ways which may/may not involve attending college. I want my students to know that there is a college for him/her IF that is what he/she wants for him/herself.  If a student is not interested in attending a 4-year college, I’ll often inquire about their interests and skills then discuss what job/career opportunities might be worth exploring. To assist us with this process, the TA School Counselors recommend students complete an online career interest assessment that analyzes students’ interests and pairs the results with potential careers. Students can then explore those careers more in Naviance.”

Wallace shared that approximately 21% of the class of 2019 is planning to go into the workforce, military, and/or take a year off.

Wallace explains, “I believe that each student has a different set of goals. College may not be the goal for some students for a variety of reasons.”

Here at TA we strive for individuality. Wallace shares, “We encourage students to seek out the support of their school counselor if they feel confused/lost about what to do after high school. We will do our best to provide assistance, which may include referring the student to other professionals/organizations.”

“There are many success stories — students who have attended a trade school and now have their own business; students who have taken time to travel and/or engage in community service; those who work while taking college classes part-time; etc. There are many paths a student can take to get to an outcome… and I believe there is no ‘right’ path.”

No matter what path students choose, with confidence and a desire for greatness, goals can be achieved. Good luck to Thornton Academy’s class of 2019!

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