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Spoiled For Choice

Over the past five years, the application called “Netflix” has become more and more popular. Netflix is becoming a household name for everyone, whether you have it or not. Netflix is an app where you can stream thousands of television shows and movies for just a small monthly fee. The popularity goes beyond the numbers. To prove its unbelieveable popularity, according to Expanded Rambling, in just the year 2015, there was a total of 44.2 billion hours streamed! One of the big attractions to Netflix is because it’s completely ad free. Also according to Expanded Rambling, the average user had avoided over 142 hours of ads! Talk about time saving. The Netflix corporation definitely makes an outstanding amount of money per year. According to Statista, their yearly revenue starts anywhere around 6.78 billion dollars a year! Also according to Statista, in the year 2015, there was over 44 million subscribers in the United States alone, far exceeding their competiton like Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus.

So, what makes it more successful than its competitors? Junior Jacob Penaflorida suspects it could be because of it’s “Easy to use interface, and it has absolutely no ads what so ever. “

Jacob loves Netflix and says he watches it when he gets home after his

homework is done and during any down time  at home or even in study hall. His favorite thing to watch is movies like Pulp Fiction or anything by Quentin Tarantino “because he knows what he is doing and the dialogue and cinematology are amazing.”

The younger generation is choosing more and more to watch ad free entertainment on their own schedule.  While audiences are watching more television than ever, they’re watching less of it live. Can network TV survive the competition? Penaflorida believes it can because it has it’s own niche. “There will always be TV because there are some stuff that you can’t watch on netflix such as the news, sports games, and any other live events such as holiday parades and awards shows or what not,” he said.

Another junior Cullen McIntyre, is also a big fan of Netflix. Cullen, just like Jacob, watches a lot of Netflix in his free time. Cullen spends a lot of his time playing sports such as baseball and soccer. He says that he often watches Netflix after hard work at practice or a way to relax after playing a big game. He says that some of his favorite shows are shows such as ‘Flash’ and ‘Arrow,’ two extremely popular shows on Netflix.

Though they’re both lovers of Netflix, Cullen has a different opinion on the possibility of Netflix replacing its live television competition. Cullen thinks that Netflix ‘definitely’ has potential to overcome live television someday. He said, “Eventually, more and more people will stop watching TV for streaming apps and websites because you can watch what you want, when you want, without ads. On live television, you can’t choose what to watch, and you often hear people say stuff like ‘There’s nothing good to watch on TV. With Netflix, that’s a problem easily solved, due to your large selection of choices at any time you want.”

In conclusion, Netflix is an entertainment phenomenon that is sweeping the computer screens of television lovers everywhere across the world. The completely ad free services and wide variety of selection are just two of many reasons that Netflix won’t slow down in growth any time soon.




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