Record Trend On Repeat

Along with the 90s grunge look and vintage mod dresses, vinyl is yet another classic making a comeback from our parents generation. As of Oct. 2014, vinyl sales had already surpassed all sales in 2013. Total sales for the year increased 47.5%. Although sales have been growing steadily since 2007, sales are still only a small fragment of what they were back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s; where records were really popular!  Sales from 1975-1980 were above 450 million each year. Where in 2014, sales were about 6 million.
Screen shot 2015-03-12 at 10.35.56 AMFirst invented in the 1880s by Emile Berliner, the flat disc evolved into something sent to soldiers during WWII to boost morale.  Vinyl records stopped being mass produced in the 90s, and a few years ago modern artists such as Lana Del Rey or Lorde could not be found on record. 

While some teenagers and young adults prefer to listen to only their favorite modern artists on record, students like Jack Stalnik (’16) stick to oldies. Stalnik acquired most of his records from his father, but goes out to buy more sometimes with his step-sister.

Junior, Raymond Cheplik has been collecting records since the time between his eighth and ninth year in school, and started, also, because of his father. Stalnik and Cheplik both agree that the popularity surrounding buying and collecting records has increased in the past two years. They also both had the same response as to why this is happening (hipsters), but Cheplik goes into depth.IMG_0261

“The less ignorant answer would be vinyl sounds better than any other audio form in my opinion. It’s vintage, and people are liking older stuff now. It’s just rising again.”

Music stores aren’t complaining, and enjoy the rise in sales. Every April something called “Record Store Day” happens throughout music stores all along the east part of the U.S. This year it will be happening on April 18th, and independent record stores open up their doors and live music will spill out from their cramped spaces. All records (including some special edition albums released for the event) will be on sale, so more people will be drawn into the welcoming atmosphere. Record store day was officially founded in 2007 by the Founders of Bull Moose, and since then has grown into a large event scattered across the country. 

With vinyl trending, parents have the joy of watching their children enjoy some of the same things they enjoyed when they were younger. Adults like teacher Colin Kolmar did not realize his fascination with vinyl until after his parents sold their collection. Kolmar just started his collection about two years ago when he invested in a record player.

“I really like listening to Giant Steps, by John Coltrane. I feel like that’s how your supposed to listen to that album. You know, when it first came out, it was on vinyl.” Kolmar feels listening to an old album on vinyl is listening to it in its “intended state”.


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