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Two years ago everything changed for me when I discovered that 16 was destined to be my lucky number. I started seeing this number everywhere just after I turned sixteen, which might not be too weird on its own, but what happened just a few weeks  before my birthday is what really made this a powerful number in my life.

I was at home going about my daily routine while my grandparents and auntie were on vacation in Turkey.It was 6/10/14, the end of their vacation, and their plane was due to take off at 4:00 pm (Czech time 16.00). Thanks to problems in the hotel and rush hour traffic they couldn’t catch their airplane to Czech. I remember how they were upset about missing their flight . In that moment they didn’t know how hugely lucky they were to have been delayed. After one hour, they heard a horrible message on the airport intercom. “Flight 3049 had accident and fell down. For now we don’t have more information, but we know that about 19 people are dead.” They couldn’t believe it. It was such luck that they weren’t on time. After this I totally believe in my number. I believe that it protected me and all my family.

According to an NPR story, written by Robert Krulwich, 7 is the world’s favorite number. “And right behind 7 are 3, 11, and 13”. All prime numbers. But people pick their favorite number based on all sorts of experiences, and personal beliefs and whether we see a number as lucky or unlucky can also depend on our culture.

Andrea Kucharova is a senior from Czech Republic who believes in the power of numbers. Her lucky number is 12 because she was born on the 12th of December, and said, “With my boyfriend it’s gonna be 12 months on October 12.”

She said, “I believe that sometimes the number shows me what I have to do and brings me happiness.”For example, she remembered, ”When I was at my first boyfriend ‘s match he was playing with number 12 on his jersey. The match was almost over and it looked very bad for our team. But then something happened. My boyfriend scored in last 12 second of the game. They won and it reminded me that probably number 12 is important in our life.”

Kucharova believes that the “number 12 is trying to show me something  and helps me in some way.”                                                                

Skyler Gaudette who is a senior and was recently crowned Miss Maine, also has a lucky number that she feels powerfully about. “13 has always been my lucky number because I was born on the 13th of October, and I was born on my grandmother’s 50th birthday. Since I grew up sharing my birthday with her it became special to me when she passed away.” Also she said,  “every time I look at the clock it says 10:13. (it’s really weird but I think it’s a sign that she is with me).”

Abigail Ouellette who is senior too, feels  like numbers play a huge part in her life. Her favorite number is 5 because she was born on August 5th and so is her mom’s best friend’s son. “He was born on the 5th of August ten years ahead of me. My mom was born on November 5th and her best friend was born on September 5th. My dad was born on the 5th month and was diagnosed with cancer on the 5th day and he passed away on March 5th. My grandmother passed away this month at 5 in the morning. My boyfriend and I started dating on the 5th month on the 5th day. I think my number brings good things into my life and it’s for a purpose. Everything that has happened on the 5th is usually something that has shaped me into who I am.”

Austin McCrum is a senior football player with an important position as quarterback. His favorite number is 11. He feels like the power of numbers is something that a lot of superstitious people find important. “People are recognized in sports by their number, and that’s where it’s been effective in my life. I just remember when I got my number it was almost an expectation to take it because all the people who played my position (quarterback)before me wore it, so it was almost passed down when I got to high school. My lucky number before 11 was number 47, but that didn’t fit my position well. To me my number is  relevant to my life because I wear it on game day, and I have nick-name derived from my number. McCrum’s team and friends call him “QB Stix.”

He believes that number 11, along with hard work and dedication, has helped him to be successful in games.

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