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Photos in Germany, And The Photographer Behind The Scenes

 TA senior Nathan Kalinyak is anything but average; his obsession for cars, architecture, and tanks are unmatched, and his photography reflects that. In these next few pictures, I will show some behind-the-scenes candid photos of Nate, and the results he got from a 2-week excursion of Northern Germany.

Nathan, by the end of the trip, had taken over 1,500 pictures, but only kept 643 to edit.
Strewn around nearly every city we visited had graffiti and locks displaying the love people had. Translation: “Love you Julja”
Near the top of Berlin’s Reichstag offered promising photography on the skyline of Berlin.
In Germany, it is rare to see a german flag on a non-government building. Since WW2, most any form of nationalism is frowned upon due to “past mistakes.”
The city of Hamburg has thousands of locks, most locked to a bridge and the key thrown into the river; some hold secrets, others hold love in between 2 people.
Squint. The pictures here in Schwerin are impressive, but didn’t make it to his top 10. The castle itself, holding more than 600 rooms, has been in continual construction since 1143.
Berlin’s Holocaust memorial. 2,711 concrete slabs commemorating the millions of Jews that were killed during the Holocaust.
Another example of propaganda, literally on every street corner and wherever someone can slap a sticker; most of them promoting peace, anti-nazi, or anti-communism.
Even in parks and places one wouldn’t normally see art or propaganda, there was always something added to the scene. Some spray paint, or a sticker, but there was something there.
Surprisingly, weather in Germany was much warmer than the US; averaging roughly 55 degrees on most days.
Nathan’s obsession for cars made for some impressive photos, this one being a 2016 Porsche Cayman in front of a shop in Lubeck.
Out of every sight and scene to take pictures of, Nathan focused on the smaller things that not everyone would notice at a first glance.

Want to see more of Nathan’s photography?

Instagram: @maine_artist19

Facebook: NKalinyak Photography

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