Behind the Scenes of the first T.A. TedEd

As the first ever TedX talk event is about to take place in Garland autditorium in TA, with some special guests like Maine Senate Justin Chenette sharing his stories, from being a TA alumni to running for Maine Senate and a french artist whose passion for travelling had exposed him to so many different people, […]

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U.S. Toboggan National Championships

Tis’ the season for Camden’s annual U.S Toboggan National Championships. Every year people gather on Megunticook Lake for a three day Toboggan extravaganza. People, such as this participant, wear costumes to distinguish their teams. image 4Download This track is the main event. People fly down on home-made toboggans to achieve the fastest time. On the […]

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One Art Class, Many Project Ideas

Caleigh Classen shows the class her plan for her project. “The assignment is really whatever we want to do but it has to be two projects at once. I’m deciding to do an acrylic self-portrait and a watercolor landscape of a fantasy world that I’ve created. I haven’t worked much with acrylic so I’m hoping […]

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Pats Win Again

Gronk reaching down to sign a fans shirt Everyone leaving after the parade. There were so many people we could barely walk. Edelman yelling Gronk and his girlfriend Camille Tom Brady smiling because he’s the best quarter back Celebrating their 6th Super Bowl

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A Theater Alive With Varied Voices

The first steps into the art wing is a view of the Harry P. Garland II Auditorium. Several angel rays of sunshine hit this art wing hallway “acting” as a natural “spotlight”. The audience is one of the most important parts of any show. It gives actors and artists a reason to perform, constructive criticism, […]

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One Class gets a Clearer View of our school’s energy use

The students in the AP Environmental Science class were using an infrared camera along with an APP called FLIR 1to look at several aspects of energy including efficiency and vampire energy use. Same hall but a different perspective. Efficiency shows where energy (heat) is “leaking” or where cold is coming into a building.  When looking […]

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Indoor Track Wraps Up their Regular Season

The team getting off the bus with the meet less than 45 minutes away. Teams warming up ahead of the start of the meet, obviously some are more in uniform than others. The most difficult part of any field event, mentally speaking, is waiting your turn. This high-tech camera was made to catch runners crossing […]

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