Can I get a DUI While Driving High? Yup.

Recreational Marijuana has been legalized in eleven states and DC. Each state has wrestled with designing new laws and regulations that are appropriate and based on research, but with the legalization of recreational use being so new, that is not always easy. One area of hot debate is how to measure “stoned driving” since according […]

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Top 10 FIFA World Cup Ranked

For this list, I will be looking at all 21 FIFA World Cup tournaments from 1930-2018. I will be ranking them on things like excitement, drama, what the tournaments meant to soccer as a whole, and of course, those sweet goals. And I will try to say some positive things about all the tournaments so […]

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Ashley's pink toed tarantula, Princess!

Exotic Animals

When we think of exotic animals we normally think of tamed pets like a rat or turtles. The kind of animals we are going to be looking at may not even be from this country. More and more people have been acquiring exotic animals. According to A.P.P.A. (American Pet Products Association), In 2013 alone 19.4 […]

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10 Most Iconic American Athletes

Kevin Durant- Let’s start off this list with the two time reigning NBA Finals MVP.  After controversially joining the NBA record 73 win Golden State Warriors on July 4th, 2016 he has went from a superstar with no playoff success to a superstar with two NBA Championships while he and the other 3 all stars […]

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Shauna Johnston -librarian

Shauna Johnston, our school librarian, was born and raised in Portland and always knew that she wanted to become a librarian as she’s had a passion for books ever since she was a small girl. Her grandparents were also very captivated scholars. Her grandmother taught college and her grandfather was a minister. ” I just […]

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A take on the job of dorm parents

“One of  the coolest things ever, is being able to interact with so many different cultures around the world, just by being a dorm parent.” – Ms. Townsend, delightfully talks about her own view on her job. Kelly Hartman Townsend, having worked in TA as a dorm parent for 3 years now, shares her point […]

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Local Livelihoods

Our community is comprised of many different people with diverse skills and passions who wake up every day driven to do their jobs. Without any one of them, the fabric of Southern Maine would be altered. Please click on their names to discover interviews the Carpe Diem staff conducted so that we could celebrate the […]

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Mobile Veterinarian-Nicole Kellum

Nicole Kellum is an equine veterinarian who works mainly with horses. She is from Kennebunk Maine and feels fortunate that her parents were very involved and supportive in her life. For her occupation, she needed 4 years of college followed by 4 years of vet school. “I went through a one-year internship with horses, two […]

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