Is Prom Worth the Cash…Most Seniors Say YES!

IMG_2080You’re almost done with your senior year of high school, many thoughts are running in your mind. What school should I go to, what am I going to do with my life, will I graduate on time and of course what am I wearing for prom? Prom is one of the most major events you attend as you come to an end of your high school journey. But is how much you’re spending for this event really worth it?

Prom seemed really important to me, seeing how I’m leaving for the military right after graduation I wanted to make sure I had one awesome last experience, so I went all out. I spent $450 on my prom dress, $50  on my shoes, $90 for two prom tickets, $30 for my dates boutonniere, $45 for tanning, $145 on hair and make up,  $5 on earrings, $30 for dinner and $80 for a hotel room. In total I spent $920 for prom. That doesn’t even include the money my boyfriend spent on a tux rental and corsage.

HoIMG_1994nestly to me it was beyond worth it! I had the most perfect date with me who I wouldn’t trade the world for. This prom was the best way to end my senior prom.

Sabryna Hall said despite the costs associated with this big night, “Prom was most definitely worth it. It made it so much better that I had such an amazing date with me.”IMG_2081

Tyler Dow, spent over $300 for prom, $90 on tickets, $130 on tux, $35 for flowers, dinner was about $50 and his haircut was $20. He said, “prom was without a doubt worth the money I spent. I had a great time.”

IMG_2082Brittany Pinet said, “I spent like $100-$150 on prom. I didn’t pay for my dress my dad did. I bought my shoes & spray tan & I got my hair & makeup done. I had a very good time with my friends and my date.”

Alexis Dapolito said that she spend between 500-600 dollars on prom, “My dress was 400 dollars, my alterations were $85. I already had shoes and jewelry, but I  had to pay for my hair and makeup. I had a great time with friends and so that made prom worth the cost.”

Dom DiPietro said he literally spent nothing on prom, “I used a suit that I already have, and my mom paid for my prom ticket as one of my graduation gifts. And honestly I was shocked on how much fun I had. A t first I thought it was going to be kinda boring, but when I got there with my friends and the music started playing I couldn’t help but dance and I had a fantastic time!”

Now think to yourself, how much did you spend? And was it worth it?  Feel free to share a photo and/or your prom finance details below! 

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