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How do we justify our beliefs?

Those who have completed post-secondary education tend to lean left in American politics. As documented in this article, higher education tends people towards left wing politics. The article also points out that younger generations are also much more likely to be left-leaning. Knowing these numbers, it interests me to see where high school students land and recent alum fall, and how they justify their beliefs.

Generally in America today, people don’t feel satisfied with the government. More and more people are unhappy about having to vote for politicians who compromise, (link here) therefore party lines continue to diverge, leading to each party feeling more and more appalled by each other’s positions. As people just entering adulthood, recent high school alum are the basis for future politics. I wonder, as we enter this world of extremes, if we will fall further into this trap of reactionary politics, or if we will have a wave of re-moderation.

In the following link, I conduct an interview with Robbie Faucher, a recent alum of Thornton Academy who has a relatively unique perspective on politics and on our specific discussion point, abortion.

If we are to shift back to more cooperation between parties, it is vital that we are patient and able to listen to people with different perspectives. I hope this audio conversation serves as a model as we move towards more honest, well-informed conversation with our peers.

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