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Foreign Students vs Trump Policy

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]topping extremist islamic terrorism and fixing the country’s immigration system were both top issue during Trump’s presidential campaign. In his first week in office he acted on his campaign words immediately when he signed the first executive order on travel and immigration. The first order was widely rejected and caused chaos amongst the people. The second order allowed green card holders to enter the country and those holding other valid documents and removed Iraq from the temporary travel restriction. This order was also blocked by the courts. 

Immigration policy affect businesses, families and also students studying abroad at U.S. schools and universities.  According to The Atlantic, “a new survey reveals that four in 10 U.S. colleges have experienced a decline in international applicants for the Fall 2017 term. The survey of around 250 colleges and universities—which will be released in its entirety later this month—was conducted in February by six higher-education groups, including the Institute of International Education. More than three-quarters of institutions surveyed expressed concern about future enrollment.” The article went on to reveal that “around 15,000 students from the six nations on Trump’s revised executive order had come to the US last year.”

According to Dorm Director, Catherine Paradis, “over February break no students had issues flying home and returning back to the US.” However, the President’s new nationalistic policies have been a casual point of a discussion for students who depend on open travel laws to pursue their education abroad.

Ninh Pham, a senior from Vietnam, believes,“We have a bigger chance to have a good job and we have good experience. We go abroad, have new friends and interact with other people around the world. When I complete four years of college I think I will have a better chance to build my own career than if I studied at home.”

Pham said the executive order is “not fair to everyone. Not everyone from these regions are like that. There will be less job opportunity to them and the islamic community in the US… And they might not want to come the US anymore because they know that it’s hard for them to have a chance.”

Many people are quick to blame Trump, but Edgar Lozano Nieto, an International Student from Querétaro, Mexico, thinks democracy rests in the hands of the people and said this about the travel and immigration executive order– “I think it is completely unnecessary,  but I actually think that it is caused by the American society as a whole, that for so many years, they have been ridiculously paranoid about being attacked by a foreign threat, when in reality there hasn’t been much of a risk for many years.”

The Border wall was a center point of Trump’s campaign. Lozano thinks the wall is, “a waste of money. If Trump wants a wall, he has the right to do it but with his own country’s money. That would be a waste of resources though, he could use them to solve more important issues.”

“I’ve never wanted to express an opinion about Trump’s professional and political background because I am from a different country, so I do not think that I should be telling people what’s wrong with his proposals and plans as a president. The only thing that I will say about Donald Trump is that throughout his immature campaign of intolerance and hate, he showed the type of person that he is, a person without moral values, and I simply can’t believe that people in America have come to prioritize his capabilities as a business man over his characteristics as a human being,” said Lozano.

Lozano is still very happy he had the chance to  study here. “It was an opportunity that had it all. I could study in the most influential and advanced country in the world, get the experience to be away from home and meet people from different cultures and perspectives, and play sports at a very high level.” defines the American Dream as “the ideals of freedom, equality, and opportunity traditionally held to be available to every American” and “a life of personal happiness and material comfort as traditionally sought by individuals in the U.S.”

Lozano explains, “It used to be the set of ideas that represented freedom and opportunity in America that caused prosperity, but I think that now it is seen as the immigrants hope of achieving the American successful style of life.”

Pham’s dream is “to move to a city, have a good career, and just have a stable life with stable income and family.” He is hoping travel laws continue to enable a flow of students from his country to America. 

The original executive order caused chaos amongst the people and voters may still disagree with the second order Trump signed, but neither have gone into action and these orders are only temporary. Trump’s purpose of these laws were to allow time to fix the country’s vetting system to better prevent terrorists entering the great United States. Hopefully policy he believes makes us more safe is not at odds with the plans of our many students from a variety of countries.

Read the official Executive Order Here.

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  1. Julia Toshach Julia Toshach May 1, 2017

    This article is very well written. It’s interesting to hear people from other countries views on the President and what they think about his foreign policy as it effects them first hand.

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