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Fabricat – A company that has adapted and grown

With public health being the top priority, many businesses have had to reconstruct their means of operation during the past eight months; some have found this nearly impossible; for others, it was business as usual.

Laura Vickery is the owner of Fabricat, an online business that sells handmade goods. Vickery’s company has been online since 2015, and in many ways, it has been business as usual for this past year.

Fabricat is conducted “without face-to-face customers or a staff,” making the business COVID-friendly and able to operate successfully throughout the pandemic.

Prior to March, Fabricat mainly sold “pottery, 3D printed jewelry and light switch plate covers. “My business has not changed other than what I produce,” Vickery said.


More recently, Vickery has been selling and donating cotton masks (she has donated 278 as of 10/22/20). The masks are 100% cotton with “elastic straps, a filter pocket, and wire across the top seam to conform to your face.”

Vickery’s COVID-friendly business has done well during the pandemic, with visits to her shop increasing by “3,382% from over a year ago.” Fabricat consumers have chosen to support a business that could adapt to current societal needs during such anomalous times.

“I make masks because I believe in the science behind wearing one,” Vickery said.

Though Fabricat is online, the pandemic has stopped her from being able to attend and participate in “local art events, craft sales, holiday sales, etc. which are great events to meet local customers and make sales.”

However, Vickery’s ongoing adaptability will assuredly allow her business to continue to flourish. Vickery intends to “make [Fabricat] my full-time employment.”

She smiles and states that it is her “passion above everything to make and sell my goods.”

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