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Cleaning the Halls with a Smile

Tim started working at Thornton Academy back in 2012. His title of Head Supervisor of Custodians has allowed him to impact the school atmosphere and the students in a remarkable way. A lot of what Tim does goes unnoticed and unrecognized, this is just one look into his day to day life and a glimpse at a person who puts others before himself.

Tim’s morning starts by getting to school before 8am everyday and is usually accompanied by a coffee. He watches over the almost empty atrium that will soon be filled with tons of loud students.

Checking all the bathrooms across campus is one of the first tasks to start the day. Clearly stating that he does not go into the women’s bathroom unless there’s a dire need, Tim is always wanting to make eveyone as comfortable as possible on campus.
Cruising through the cold catwalk on this gloomy day, Tim somehow seems to bring brightness. Students across campus love seeing Tim, many claim it makes their day. When asked about his relations to the students and just saying hi to them throughout the day Tim says, “It makes all the difference. It makes it easy to come to work everyday knowing that I’m going to get along with everyone.”
One of the custodian closets is located in the gym lobby. Tims territory includes both lockerooms, both public bathrooms, gym, and stage. But even when explaining the responsibility, he remains calm and collected. It’s obvious he cares about his job tremendously.
Tim manages three other staff at Thornton. His duties are not always easy, but he never lets it affect his attitude or job performance. “I do love my job,” Tim states smiling. It is evident that he is extremely passionate about helping others, always putting in the effort many aren’t willing to.
Immediately there is a call to rush down to the bathrooms in the atrium that appear to be flooded. Tim gathers the supplies needed quickly and doesn’t hesitate, you can tell he’s no rookie.
The culprit: a overflowing toilet. Tim shares, “This is a great example of a mistreated bathroom stall.” Filled with toilet paper, a Red Bull can, and some other trash, it’s clear the damage was not thought twice about. This is just one of the many messes Tim deals with multiple times a day.
After some strenuous minutes, Tim realizes the drain is broken as well and will need some back up. He quickly jumps into action, calling and explaining the issue. Help us on the way.
The shoes of a man who constantly walks the halls of Thornton, cleaning up and resolving different issues everyday. The shoes of a man who tries to make everyone feel happy and welcomed. The shoes of a man who is just one of the many important faces here at Thornton.
The humble nature of Tim allows for him to appear approachable to the students and faculty. Although the takes his job seriously, Tim understands that being personable with your peers is important.
“I think it’s a great community,” says Tim in a discussion about Thornton. It is not all about his actual job, it’s about being a part of something larger for him. His goal is to have a lasting positive impact on Thornton’s community and to create a safe, clean, and welcoming school.

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