Feeling the Bern: TA Teens Turn Out for Bernie


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            After making the dangerous decision to use one of his seven unexcused absences, senior Ethan Dupuis packs his car with four other TA students to drive 20 minutes away to attend Bernie Sanders’ rally at The State Theater in Portland. After jamming out to 80’s hair bands on the ride down, embarking on the difficult quest to find parking in Portland, standing in line for more than two hours, and being interviewed by news stations, they finally made it into the venue.

            On January 12th an NBC/Survey Monkey Poll found that Sanders had captured 68% of young Democratic voters under the age of 24, while Secretary Clinton had 26%. While teens are showing a tremendous amount of support, and we are seeing constant Bernie support on the internet, Hillary is winning more states during the primaries. As of Friday March 25th, Bernie had won 12 states and Hilary 19 with 25 contest remaining for the democratic primaries. 

            “I have many reasons for supporting Bernie Sanders, so many in fact, I’m not really sure where to start. I guess I’ll go with that I was raised to love. Ever since I was little my siblings and I always fought, over the remote or over the good colored pencils. And it always ended the same way, my mother coming in and slamming our heads together and making us hug and reluctantly apologize. She would always say this stupid phrase, ‘Brothers love each other’. I hated when she said that, it made me feel all weird, especially when I had nothing but anger with my brothers, but I began to realize that feeling feels the way it does because it’s battling the bad feelings inside and getting rid of them. Through all the punching and wrestling, my brothers and I never told each other we wished they were dead, we said plenty of other things, but never that. Because we knew that no matter how angry we were at each other, how sad we would be if our wish were to come true,” said senior Ethan Dupuis.

            “This is why I support Bernie, because no matter what he has always been a loving, compassionate man. From the 1960’s where he protested segregation, to 1996 where he defended marriage equality, and to today where he refuses to discriminate against Muslims just because some radicals are going crazy.”

            Maine Democrats came out in record breaking numbers to go vote during the caucus on March 6th. Some places even had to change the way they were running the caucus, just because there was such an overwhelming mass of people.

            The caucus was done by splitting up voters in rooms by ward (a certain area in a city). Once the voters were in the room, they were asked to split up on different sides of the room depending on which candidate they support. Once they were separated they did a head count. After the head count, the voters were given the opportunity to switch sides. Once that is done, they did the math to figure out how many delegates each candidate gets, they turned in their ballots, and then they elected delegates.

            Later that day we found out that Bernie had won by a very large margin. Bernie had won 65% of the delegates, while Hillary had won 35%. These numbers were not very surprising because of the overwhelming amount of support the people of maine were showing for Bernie.

              No matter who gets the nomination on either side, this election is going to be historic.

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