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Pats Win Again

Gronk reaching down to sign a fans shirt Everyone leaving after the parade. There were so many people we could barely walk. Edelman yelling Gronk and his girlfriend Camille Tom Brady smiling because he’s the best quarter back Celebrating their 6th Super Bowl

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Indoor Track Wraps Up their Regular Season

The team getting off the bus with the meet less than 45 minutes away. Teams warming up ahead of the start of the meet, obviously some are more in uniform than others. The most difficult part of any field event, mentally speaking, is waiting your turn. This high-tech camera was made to catch runners crossing […]

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The Transfer

The first day of school can be stressful for any student. Most kids feel a bit anxious walking into a gymnasium crowded with people they haven’t seen all summer. But walking into the gym on that first day of school can be a lot more stressful if you are a transfer student. According to Education Week, […]

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Inside Look at Thornton Academy Girls Track

  Athletes have to train their mind to let their body deliver the desired results. According to sports psychologists at the University of Texas, an “athlete’s mental toughness is just as important as physical strength.” No matter the circumstances, athletes need to withstand the pain and keep going. Thornton girls track head coach Lisa Huntress has […]

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Boudreau Breaks Thornton Record

Tuesday night was one for the history books, the Thornton Academy Golden Trojans remains unbeaten as they cruise pass the Gorham Rams. Thornton improves to an impressive 8-0 with their 61-40 road victory, they have proved to dominate not only at home but on the road this year. TA has shown why they should be […]

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