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Do You Have A Favorite Word?

Everyone has a favorite word. Whether it might be something that causes people to giggle or crinkle their nose in puzzlement, everyone’s got one. Although sometimes most people find it hard to come up with one single word, it’s usually something that either has a strong flowing meaning or is just down right silly. We […]

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Emoji The Battle Of Faces

The first Emoji was created in 1998 in Japan by Shigetaka Kurita. Statistics from the website Digital Marketing Ramblings shows that there are 1085 officially recognized Emojis. Nearly half of all Instagram comments contain an Emoji. The most tweeted Emoji is the tears of joy. In our video we tried to find out If people […]

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Dress for Success Not Judgement

What should be a time of breaking free from the confines of winter, for female students, ends up being a time of dealing with the rules and lack of clarity of the dress code policy. Short shorts, short skirts, crop tops, spaghetti straps are pulled from the tattered cardboards boxes as the sweet release of […]

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Soft-Serve Showdown

I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream, but when you need that soft-serve ice cream fix where do you go? Do you hit up Dairy Queen that is right up the road from TA or do you venture into Old Orchard Beach and get some homemade ice cream from Fielder’s Choice? I […]

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Open Letter to the Class of 2016

Dear the Class of 2016, We have finally done it. We have gone through four years of all nighters, classes, pep rallies, and a lot of tears. There have been easy moments, but there have also been hard moments. And as much as we are going to miss each other and our staff and Thornton […]

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Encryption: Is it Necessary?

Encryption is a part of our daily lives, whether you like it or not. Usernames and passwords for any online account are all encrypted. But what if the government wanted to abolish it? No good can come from that. Giving Up the Keys When people think about encryption, they think it’s used to protect their […]

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If you've ever been to the Saco Heath, you can expect a similar scene. There is a long board walk over the bog and is surrounded by trees and a variety of wildlife.

Road Trippin’ in Maine

The Holt Pond Preserve is one of the many beautiful trails in Maine. It’s a little over an hour from Saco, and the drive up is almost as beautiful as the hike, with snow capped mountains, lakes, rivers, and beautiful trees. The drive and hike is definitely worth it for the view. Holt Pond Preserve, […]

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Kelly Munyuza from Rwanda

Three International Students Share Future Goals

  In the past century the goals of teenagers have changed a lot. Just a hundred years ago, almost everything was decided for teens by their parents. Today teenagers are constantly  asked about their future goals and have an endless list of options, but all this opportunity can be overwhelming not just for students from the […]

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