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New and Improved? iPhone 8 rumors

New and Improved? (Iphone 8)         If you have the Iphone 6 and is about to buy the 7 I would wait until this fall! The Iphone 8 is releasing. Don’t just go drop hundreds of dollars on the 7 when the 8 is about drop soon. A lot of great things are expected. […]

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Foreign Students vs Trump Policy

Stopping extremist islamic terrorism and fixing the country’s immigration system were both top issue during Trump’s presidential campaign. In his first week in office he acted on his campaign words immediately when he signed the first executive order on travel and immigration. The first order was widely rejected and caused chaos amongst the people. The […]

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Students without cellphones

It may seem as if basic or flip phones are a thing of the past, given that 73% of teens have a smartphone. But according to a Pew Research Center study, that still leaves 15% of teens who only have a basic cellphone and 12% who have none at all, and it makes a difference […]

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Kristina Rex

Reporter (or MMJ —Multimedia Journalist as she calls herself)  Kristina Rex came to talk to our Journalism class during a maroon 1 block and although she nailed her presentation, she admitted her mind was elsewhere. She was “incredibly nervous” about an assignment looming large that afternoon. “I am an incredibly sympathetic person and have a […]

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Fake News-2016 Election

It’s no doubt that fake news played a huge role in the 2016 election and almost every day there are more reports about the way fake news has flourished.  Fact checking has always been part of election media processes, but Donald Trump has taken the whole telling untruths to a new level. Whatever you thought […]

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Mock Car Crash to Combat Drinking and Driving

Story by Allie Hanright Photos by Emilee Wermenchuk It started with the sound of a siren. As the tarps were pulled off to reveal a brutal crash scene, the audience gasped. It was a beautiful, sunny Tuesday morning at Thornton Academy. The sun felt warm on the skin, yet everyone had goosebumps as they watched […]

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